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20 Facts and Figures about Wistia Video Platform



When you want to communicate with your clients or business to business meetings we should prepare some videos for better communication. Wistia Video Platform is one of the powerful tools and a video marketing platform for B2B and B2C marketers.

If you are not aware of this Video platform, it’s a fantastic opportunity to make use of these tools. Wistia Video Platform gives video voicemail for the support team, and HR board meetings offers endless possibilities.

Wistia Video Platform Facts

  1. Wistia is a video analytics and hosting company founded in the year 2006 in the month of April
  2. The main goal of Wistia platform is to collaborate remotely in order to help the filmmakers online
  3. Chris Savage and Brendan Schwartz are the Founders of Wistia
  4. The platform helps for both business and personal users
  5. The application was included with the detailed analytics section
  6. It also shows the integrations and the statics tools like Google analytics
  7. Its interface is customized video player which relate to the pre-roll and post-roll type of video content
  8. The Wistia API allows the users for better customisation of videos and the accounts from backend in a programmatic way
  9. Wistia Video Platform has best features like Super embed builder assist in generating the codes that are embedded
  10. The platform also has the integrated closed captioning along with the transcript and many other tools
  11. The video uploaded to the Wistia can be automatically encoded with the Flash or HTML versions
  12. The video is encoded at different resolutions which provide HD quality with less buffering
  13. The users can choose and select the controls for website design and also gave an option for social sharing buttons to the video just like Youtube
  14. The turnstile option allows collecting email from viewers and link for the adding of received emails for the various marketing campaigns.
  15. The platform consists of hearing maps which show the viewers precisely at which part they are watching and where they have skipped the video
  16. The platform also reveals the information of viewers who have watched your other videos
  17. The analytics also reveal that at which part of your content was holding the viewer’s interest
  18. The platform also allows the users to include the call to action button at the end of the video.
  19. Wistia Video Platform may cost higher if you need better video features and not searchable like YouTube platform
  20. No advertisements.


Wistia improves your conversation rates, employee engagement and it is the best platform. Here get a guide for 20 amazing facts and figures about vista. Make use this for all over company growth.

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