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Widen – Digital Asset Management Overview & its Products

Widen - Digital Asset Management Overview & its Products

Widen’s digital asset management solution lets you harness the power of the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure to quickly and securely support your marketing, creative, PR, web and sales teams. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Widen is a digital media solutions company that empowers creative and marketing workflows to keep you focused on what you do best. Widen offers a range of services from paramedic solutions to web-based digital asset management (DAM) software. Founded in 1948, Widen started as a plate engraver company for newspaper presses. The company progressed into colour retouching, photo manipulation, and photo management software throughout the last couple of decades. Today the company is used by photographers, videographers, designers, printers, marketers, etc.

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Companies that grow choose Widen.
You can only equate DAM with file sharing platforms for so long before you run into serious trouble. The value of DAM software is about more than finding and sending your assets — it’s about protecting and advancing your brand. A task like that takes more than shared folders.

  • Streamline processes – The Media Collective makes responding to asset requests, delivering video files, applying metadata and other tasks a breeze, when they’re otherwise slow and clumsy. Focus your energies on productive tasks, reducing costs, repurposing time and capitalizing on your people’s real talents.
  • It’s cooler in the cloud – Because our offering is software as a service DAM, you can cut out hardware, upgrade, IT and maintenance costs. Make sure your system is running as it should, and always on the cutting edge.
  • Speed up time-to-market – The sooner you get things done on the DAM side, the sooner your assets are out there being put to use by your sales force, marketing partners and others. Your assets drive in revenue.
  • Get the service you deserve – Why settle for a vendor when you can have a partner? We genuinely care about your success.

Empower designers to do what they do best
End the wasteful hunt for files using Widen’s powerful search engine to find and use the right file in the right format, on demand.

Boost brand consistency for your web team
Amplify your brand by maintaining one library of files for seamless distribution and publishing with embed codes and CMS plugins.

Mobilize your sales teams
Showcase new products in the field on mobile devices by browsing categories, applying filters and showing Retina quality previews.

Improve return on marketing investments
Instantly connect your content with customers and partners using public galleries and brand portals we call ‘stylized’ collections.

Transform content to collateral in minutes
Upload, tag, manage rights and release dates, and share your content with internal teams, partners and sales channels – fast.

Preserve your institutional knowledge
Save all your historical assets with Widen’s archiving service to securely store large volumes of data for pennies on the gigabyte.

Make smarter decisions with your content
Make sense of your content for your campaigns and your business with interactive analtyics and detailed reporting tools.

Small business image management.

Centralize and share your images. Simply.
Businesses of all sizes have images and users who need access to those files. Cloud-based, smart image makes your images accessible to be viewed, shared, and downloaded – from anywhere, at any time. Smart image is built for small businesses that don’t need the functionality of a true digital asset management system but need a simple way to centralize and share images.

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