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Why Twitter is the Future Online Television

Twitter Future Online Television

Twitter is slowly becoming a television station. The live video streaming business was getting popular in the recent times.

Now Twitter is also acquiring the rights to many sports, news, and other special events.We are now even hearing about Apple planning to bring Twitter on Apple TV platform.

The last two months have seen Twitter streaming major live events such as Wimbledon, NFL Bloomberg TV, and others.

In the coming days, Twitter is expected to become a big distributor for live content on television.

Twitter wants its user to access major live events through the Twitter app in the coming years and not depend on cable satellite box connected to the television.

Twitter or any other streaming service is not competing among themselves but are competing with the cable/satellite television which is still number one in the business of live streaming.

Twitter has huge audience base, and most of these are may not be on paid television. Live streaming will help to get the attention of this audience and also help to increase the revenue.

The recent news that Twitter is planning to place the app on Apple television, is the best direction for it to become a video-based version. It, however, has to be seen how this financially helps Twitter.

Live streaming can help Twitter to get new users and increase engagements. For most people, Twitter is for instant updates and live commentary, and if it is delivered in video formats, Twitter sure has great chances to lure the millennial.


As the Twitter has the online video streaming capabilities everyone in intended use the Twitter from anywhere. It also broadcast the live events which everyone wants to go on using this service. Twitter is available at anywhere and at any time. It could be the trending online television in coming days.

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