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10 Best Whiteboard Animation Software

Whiteboard Animation Software

Whiteboard animation video is one of the best tools to create compelling visual online content. These used for different reasons such as introducing a product or service, selling an idea or even for how to videos. Many whiteboard animation software is available online with various features and tools. There are few which are easy to use, and some confuse the users. Let us see some of them here.

Best Whiteboard Animation Softwares

Easy Sketch Pro

Fully HD videos can be created, and there is also the voice over option. Music tracks can add and there is also built-in text editor.


This is a feature rich whiteboard animation software. High-quality videos using background images can help create. There is a long list of pre-designed slides. Trail and paid versions are available.


There are many ready-made templates. Videos up to one hour HD and eight minutes entirely HD videos can create. The videos produced can be shared with social media or YouTube.


You need not be a tech expert to use this whiteboard animation software. PowToon is a perfect solution for designers, marketers and graphic artists. One of the easiest to use, this is available for Windows and Mac.


Signing up for this whiteboard software is free. Presentation and animation or multimedia content can create.


Quality animated videos can be created using this very quickly. GoAnimate is simple to use, and there is the wide range of customizable scenes for various users.


This is another favorite whiteboard software, and there is voice recording option also. Clear machine voices are available.

TTS Sketch Maker

This is an affordable whiteboard animation software. Twenty-five different accent voices are available in fifteen different languages.


There is no need for the users to be professionals to use Camtasia software. Built-in animation can apply to logos, images, etc.


This cloud-based whiteboard animation software offers professional tools to create the high quality video. Created videos can upload to YouTube.

It is a challenge for any marketers to create whiteboard animation videos to teach how to use a product or a service or launch a new product or service etc. to engage the audience. Choose the Whiteboard videos to create high-quality videos at affordable prices.

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