WhatsApp Video Statistics & Facts

50 WhatsApp Video Statistics & Facts You Must Know In 2021

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WhatsApp messaging app created for the smartphone users in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees Jan Koum and Brian Acton. WhatsApp is the leading instant messaging application of this decade. WhatsApp has become the third downloaded app globally. WhatsApp Video offers a simple, easy, free audio and video calling and secure messaging application worldwide. Here are the most exciting 50 WhatsApp Statistics and Facts everyone must know in 2021.

50 WhatsApp Video Statistics & Facts

  1. More than 58% of the users access WhatsApp every day.
  2. More than 55 million video calls are made through WhatsApp application daily.
  3. More than 1 billion WhatsApp groups exist, and they made WhatsApp video calls for the conference.
  4. 50% of Indians use WhatsApp video calls when compared to other countries.
  5. Over 5 million companies are using WhatsApp for business.
  6. Over 3 billion minutes of video content streaming on WhatsApp used per day.
  7. WhatsApp supports over 60 different languages.
  8. More than 1.5 billion video messages are sent via WhatsApp daily.
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  10. India stood top on consuming the video calling usage by 2020.
  11. Over 50 million minutes spent per day on WhatsApp video calling in India.
  12. WhatsApp announced that it reached 2 billion users globally.
  13. Facebook-owned an instant messaging app. WhatsApp announced that most of the traffic comes from India.
  14. A single user spent 195 minutes on average of WhatsApp weekly.
  15. WhatsApp helps 80% of the small businesses in Brazil and India via photo and video message sharing.
  16. WhatsApp Groups’ chats let to share 256 people audio or video messages at once.
  17. The biggest facts are an average user opens the WhatsApp at least 23 times daily.
  18. WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users, around 180 countries.
  19. The US WhatsApp market has over 68.1 million active business users.
  20. Over 500 million users update WhatsApp stories daily.
  21. An average user spent 195 minutes on WhatsApp weekly.
  22. 27% of the selfie’s videos are shared through the WhatsApp messaging.
  23. WhatsApp business allows its users to create a business profile and also enabled WhatsApp Business API for business automation.
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  25. WhatsApp did not spend a single penny on video marketing and users’ acquisition.
  26. Google offered over $10 billion to purchase the WhatsApp Application.
  27. Facebook finally acquired WhatsApp on an amount of $19 billion.
  28. WhatsApp application is the third most downloaded android application in the World.
  29. The Worth of the WhatsApp is more than the GDP of some countries.
  30. The net worth of the WhatsApp exceeds American Airlines and NASA.
  31. WhatsApp introduced voice and video messaging to increase the value of the App.
  32. More than 29 million messages are sent on WhatsApp every minute.
  33. WhatsApp is banned in 12 countries, which is an unknown fact of WhatsApp.
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  35. 1 in 9 people in the planet using WhatsApp globally.
  36. Over 3 million companies registered for the business.
  37. 39% of the businesses using WhatsApp stories for the brads.
  38. 35% of the WhatsApp users post stories daily, and it may grow year by year.
  39. Currently, WhatsApp has only 55 employees and 50 engineers.
  40. WhatsApp has around $700 million annual revenue from its platform.
  41. An average of 5 million companies uses WhatsApp For Business Accounts.
  42. Worldwide more than 15% of the WhatsApp users rely on the WhatsApp news.
  43. In Malaysia, 60% of the people rely on WhatsApp for News.
  44. Currently, WhatsApp has no plans to introduce ads, and they may introduce anytime later.
  45. WhatsApp Marketing is expanding at an outstanding rate. Whatsapp marketing is a new brand in marketing.
  46. WhatsApp was downloaded 96 million times by 2020.
  47. Over 340 million users are for WhatsApp in India with the most significant market.
  48. Now WhatsApp allowing the user to delete the message within 7 minutes after sending it.
  49. The Average number of people on WhatsApp groups is 6 persons.
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  51. The most used emoji on WhatsApp is ‘Laughing’ emoji and ‘Red Heart’ emoji.
  52. WhatsApp is the leading app to communicate around 90% of the users.
  53. WhatsApp is now available to use for KiaOS.
  54. Over 95% of the Android devices downloaded and using WhatsApp in India.


WhatsApp statistics are becoming more relevant to the business. The quality of the presentation is lagging for promotions. WhatsApp will continue to grow the user base for video conferences more than a messaging app. Here are some exciting Statistics and Facts everyone must know in 2021.