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What’s Hot Media CEO Pascal Lechevallier Exclusive Interview about VOD

Pascal Lechevallier

Pascal Lechevallier is a CEO at WHAT’S HOT MEDIA (Digital Transformation).Previously he worked for iDSCREEN,, TF1. He started first streaming VOD rental site in France.He is expertise in new media strategy and social marketing: TV, VOD, SVOD, Catch Up – Smart TV, IPTV, Smartphones, Tablets, 2ndscreen – Streaming, EST.

Tell me something about your company WHAT’S HOT MEDIA?

What’s Hot Media is a consulting agency focused on helping media companies to disrupt their traditional business with innovative activities: VOD, SVOD, Replay, multi-screens, nPVR etc…

What we can expect in VOD space in the coming Future?

The VOD space will continue to grow with independent platforms and telco platforms.

Tell me about WHAT’S HOT MEDIA VOD Solutions?

WH is providing strategic and operational solutions for each VOD service : UI, UX, competitive market analysis, editorial concept

What to expect in the near future in Digital Consumption?

The digital consumption will increase quickly in the following months : Twitter, Facebook Live, Periscope, Netflix, New Amazon Prime subscription are successful for millions of households and millennials. And many news VOD platforms like Studio+, Zive or Iroko.

Tell me something about VOD and how you will manage at WHAT’S HOT MEDIA?

VOD is the most significant video store in the world, 100% digital. At WH, we manage VOD for some customers: strategy, contents, distribution. We help to optimise the management of each service.

What is WHAT’S HOT MEDIA Success Model?

There is no success model. The success depends on the choice of customers and subscribers!

What are the Latest VOD products from WHAT’S HOT MEDIA that can help customers?

Some customers are interested in our vision of the market: we are tracking the US, UK and German market to understand and find the critical points of the international VOD market.

Thank you “Pascal Lechevallier” for your valuable inputs about VOD Market for Users.

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