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What is Video SSP ? – The Ultimate Guide

Video SSP

Demand side platform is used by advertisers for buying online advertisements. Supply-side platforms are for publishers. Everything about Video SSP has given here.

This is software used to sell ads in automated system. These are used by online publishers to sell video and mobile ads.

Large numbers of video advertisements are programmatically sold. But the focus is many times more on advertiser platforms and this is a disadvantage for the publishers.

Video Advertising SSP

Video supply side platforms are much similar to demand side platforms but are meant for publishers. While DSPs are marketers to buy the ads, Video SSPs are for publishers to sell the video ads.

Video SSPs and DSPs run based on same technology. In supply side platforms, publishers are allowed to connect their video ad inventory to more ad exchanges. The publishers can get highest possible rates for their video inventory.

As the impression are opened for more potential buyers, publishers can get maximize revenue. These are also referred as yield optimization platforms.

Advantages of Video Advertising SSP

Supply Side Platforms are also called the sell-side platforms and yield optimization platforms.

These help the digital publishers to get highest prices for the ads. The advantage with video advertising supply side is that the publishers can open the video ad inventor for bidding to more number of buyers. In Supply side platform the ad impressions action attraction large number of buyers.

This increase demand and yield higher CPMs for the publishers. Publishers can reach more potential buyers. They can also share their data about the users at ad impression level.

Supply-side platforms have contacts with different ad exchanges, networks and DSPs. Therefore the publishers using SSP will be able to sell the video ads to huge pools of buyers. They can get most value for each of their inventory.

Video Advertising SSP Platforms

Best video advertising SSP platform should be evaluated based on the integrations, performance and the ability to expose inventory to demand. Here are the tops video advertising platforms.

• Doubleclick is an ad technology platform that supports various banner and video formats. It is free and is owned by Google

• OpenX vide ad SSP aids in publishers get maximum revenue. Various selling models can be selected.

• Rubi project is another automatic advertising platform which means more money for the publishers and is one of the efficient ways to reach audience.

• PubMatic supply side platform provides number of selling options so that publishers can seek highest competition for each impression. The connections can drive high yield.

• BrightRoll Ad Exchange is another platform on where advertisers can find inventory of top publishers.

• PubNative is an SSP video ad platform for mobiles.

• Smart AdServer is another platform that is publisher focused and is very to use.

• One Ad Server was earlier called the Adtech AG and is owned by AOL. This is free to use.

• Admob platform is owned by Google.

Video Advertising SSP Market Statistics

The intention of launching Video SSP is to help the publishers increase their revenue. More and more publishers are now using this technology. Supply-side platforms now became the largest inventory sources online.

A good supply-side platform will help the publisher to know about revenue streams to monetize and prevent data leakage also. Ultimate customer for the supply-side platform is the publisher.

Publishers will have control over the sale of impressions and can maximize revenues. Publishes can avoid discrepancies with this technology. The time to get the ad on the page also will be decreased which in turn increases performance and inventory.

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