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What is Social Video?


Social video is the video that can be shareable across different social media platforms. The social media platforms are the powerful destination for the marketers and advertisers to reach the targeted audience.

Social video Advertising is compelling, and it is the best way to make your video viral. It promotes the real-time engagement across the web.

Introduction to Social Video

Social video is the most shareable content across the social platforms. Most of the people confused social video with viral videos but they are different. Every social video can’t turn as a viral video on social platforms.

The social video must have the best strategy as every social media platform is different from another platform. It requires a separate strategy for the social video to reach the targeted audience.

Social Video Services and Platforms

A social video service provides assurance to increase the user engagement with social video. They can support you to drive more viewers towards your social video content and also impact on the brand visibility and reach.

It also targets the social video marketing and advertising with different strategies form platform to platform.

When comes to the social video platforms, we all know about the famous platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.

YouTube Platform for Social Video

YouTube platform is the most engaging platform across the globe which has great potential to reach the audience. Short form social videos work well on YouTube platform comparing to long-form video content.

Visitors on YouTube platform generally target the value of production. The platform has good appeal from the audience as YouTube platform has some millions of fan base across the web. keep your videos around three minutes, and the shareability plays a key role in your content promotion.

Instagram Platform for Social Video

The Instagram platform is another best platform to go for social video strategy.

The platform allows 15 seconds videos which can help you to get high click through rates for your social videos.

It is best for small business to go with their social video strategy with Instagram Hyperlapse video ads. The editing tools are also very good on the Instagram platform.

Facebook Platform for Social Video

Facebook has been going well equal to the video giant YouTube platform with new features.

The platform consists of the huge audience following of all ages and it is mainly a demographic targeting platform.

The best suggestion for your social video on the Facebook platform is to share high-quality videos which can be more engaging.

There many other platforms where you can host social videos and above these are the most popular across the web.

10 Social Video Best Practices

  1. Focus on first three seconds in every social video.
  2. Go with compelling story telling.
  3. Make it unique
  4. Make it relevant
  5. Make it clear
  6. Deliver your brand message
  7. Post useful content
  8. Don’t over promote
  9. Try live social video
  10. Short span unboxing videos

Social Video Market Statistics

• More than 92 percent people aged between 18-35 years are likely to follow the brand after watching the social video.

• More than 60 percent people on social media are watching testimonial videos by online stores.

• 70 percent consumers are more likely to recommend a brand which posts social media videos regularly.

• Best time to post your video on Facebook is 3:00 PM on Wednesday and 1 to 4 PM on Thursdays and Fridays.

• Your business conversions will increase with videos on YouTube by 14 times more comparing to other platforms.

Social Video Trends

• Forecasting video ad spends on social videos has increased.

• Businesses are focusing on budget and activity trackers.

Vertical video ads are continued its growth.

• Consumer spending on VR hardware was increased.

• Emojis are playing a great role in social videos as an emotional connection agents.

• Businesses are focusing on VR videos and $k technology to deliver 360-degree social videos on platforms.

All these above things reveal the growth of social video and act as a good guide for the social video beginners and followers.

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