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What is Programmatic Video Advertising?

Programatic Video Advertising

The programmatic video is the software that helps in purchasing advertising ads online. This helps in reaching the right customer at the right time and for this, it utilizes the real time data. This way the advertiser will get more from his spends on the advertising.

With the availability of high-speed bandwidth for most of the users, they are consuming online video more than before. This helped for the growth of programmatic video.

Some people are even watching their television online. To reach such customers, advertisers are also switching their television budgets to digital.

Programmatic Video Advertising

There are many advantages to buying video ads programmatically.

Socio and demographic behavioral data of the audience are determined using various sources and the advertiser can show his ad just for the right audience instead of placing his ad for all audience.

This also saves a lot of time. Because the buying process is completed with only a few clicks.

Programmatic Video Advertising Platforms 

ReTargeter is a powerful video buying platform. This started offering its services in the year 2009. This platform helps in displaying video ads to the right people and retargeting also helps to capture new audiences or re-engage the customers that already exist.

PocketMath is a mobile advertising platform and is the fastest self-service platform. This helps in instantly reaching the right people. Provides insights in very short time. It has the largest mobile programmatic inventory. This platform also provides the details of how a campaign is performing in just a few seconds.

Admedo is a demand side platform. Using this platform makes the purchasing of programmatic video ads transparent. It offers programmatic solutions to both advertisers and the agencies.

Visible Measures is a self-serve programmatic video advertising platform.

Small as well as medium sized businesses can use this platform to run their video campaigns. It is integrated with Google, Facebook etc.

Programmatic Video Advertising Market 

In the US along the digital video ad spending is $7.77 billion in the year 2015 and it is likely to go up to $14.38 in 2019. Television viewers are decreasing by ten percent every year.

Marketers are adopting programmatic video advertising and in the US alone, sixty percent of the ads are purchased through programmatic channels.

The programmatic video ad spending is exceeding expectations and will continue to grow in the coming years.

Programmatic Video Advertising Trends 

Programmatic buying of video advertising is growing. Here are the trends tied up with this technology.

The programmatic video is now not used just for direct sales but also for increasing brand awareness, engaging the audience and for the loyalty of the customers.

It focuses on delivering memorable and unique video content in real time on several devices that the audience uses to consume it.

Mobiles are becoming the first screen and programmatic technology is also growing as new tools for measuring real-time relevant data on mobile are emerging.

Marketers can monitor how their campaigns are performing for the mobile audience also similar to how they are measuring the effectiveness on desktops.

The programmatic video is also being adopted by television and many television shows are now available online and the audience is also growing. Advertisers are placing their ads effectively for this audience also online.

With the advantages such as being able to select the customers and reaching them at the right time, programmatic video advertising is becoming very popular. Programmatic advertising reduces expense for the businesses.

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