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What is Connected TV Advertising?

Connected TV Advertising

Do you want to deliver your brand to the real-time customers? Then why don’t you use Connected TV Advertising?

Don’t you find the better ways reach the targeted audiences?

Are you tired of using old dead strategies in brand promotions?

Connected TV Advertising is the unique and simple way that can surely explore the brand of your products or services through continuous engagement. The working principles of the connected TV advertising can be found in the following phrases that help in the better building of successful video ad campaign.

What is Connected TV?

The TV that has the special features of social networking, online video content streaming, web browsing, and video on demand that accessed over the internet that plays beyond the services provided by the traditional cable operator is named as connected TV.

With the help of Set-top boxes and Blu-ray, the most advanced connected features can add to the non-connected TVs that are existing. Generating various formats of connected TVs has become the major target for the manufacturers as the entire market completely rely on the social media advertising strategy.

The other devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops can also be used to access the connected TV content of premium and freeways.

Connected TV Advertising

Through connected TV advertising, the business brands can offer the immersive experience for the audiences through the full screen while watching the digital video content on TVs. Connected TV advertising is the most seeking one for the publishers that becomes an add-on for traditional TV ad and digital ad buying.

Benefits of Connected TV Advertising

High-Quality Content:

The connected TV advertising provides the high quality, personalized and targeted video content with full-screen immersive experience to the audiences. The fine quality of video ad will help in expanding the brand to the audiences.

Real-time Audiences:

The continuous and higher engagement of audiences will be found as the connected TV ads directly reach the real-time audiences. It helps in building the strong sales of the products or services.

Various formats of Ads:

By using the connected TV advertising, the advertisers can include the call-to-action and visual effects of interactive video ad formats that can hook the attention of the audiences. It can be used to increase the performance of the video ad campaign.

Real-time Analytics:

The number of clicks, views, and conversions that defines the performance of the particular video ad campaign can be analyzed through connected TV advertising.

Ad views through on-demand content:

The connected TV video advertising through on-demand video content will be surely watched by the audiences as it is played along with the content. These ads acquire the real views as it is viewed by the audiences.

Targeted video ads:

While accessing the smart TV, the consumers should use the other party data like Google or Facebook accounts and fetch the third party data to retrieve the users profile details through online behavior, interests, language, and location. It helps to dispatch the video ads to the targeted audiences.

Targeting premium audiences:

The premium audiences are the best-targeted one to deliver the video ad campaign of the particular brand through the highly desired and intended content by the audience. It can improve the performance of the video ad campaign in an instant.

Connected TV is the Future Of Video Advertising

We have some main factors that define the future of advertising become the connected TV and CTV comes on the mainstream.

Better Targeting and Segmentation:

It is confusing for the advertisers to keep track of individual users on a connected TV; it is painful to campaigns on targeting and segmentation efforts. Here cookies and device IDs are not set merely up connected TV.

People Don’t Mind CTV Ads:

CTV gives as common Television viewing experience, and there is higher ability to target the audience based on the data provided by apps. It offers high return and investment than compared to the traditional television advertising. Connected Tv ads are less annoying than the liner Tv ads.

CTV is Everywhere:

Internet TV’s like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix provide their way of favorite shows to gain more and more audience engagement. When coming to statistics, 60% of households own CTV in the UK, and this is just 6% more on CTV use in the United States. In future expecting 75% in the United States by 2020. So the future of CTV is anywhere in video advertising.

Measuring Effectiveness of Ad:

Most of the digital ad formats allow buyers to keep tracking their KPIs in real time ad campaigns Live. In Fact, the CTV ads displayed digitally, but many of the users are not using the digital tools. CTV has reached mainstream with the consumers.

Standardised Audience Measurement:

There are no standardized audience measurements like GRP for connected TV devices, and it is measured similarly like Traditional TV measurements. The leading publishers of CVT do not have any data on demographics that would encourage future media investment.

Millennials Love Connected TV:

CTV has become the future of Video advertising because millennials love CTV ads. Most of the Millennials they don’t feel like they need standard television package. Millennials report does that 25% of them don’t have pay TV and 67% more likely CTV only on houses.

Best Practices For Creating Ads for Connected TV

CTV is an internet-enabled smart TV connected to the streaming devices. It has become more popular than any other traditional tvs ever. Connected TV gives new opportunities to the advertisers and brands for creating more interactive commercial ads. Based on the survey Feedback the brands should remember the following six guidelines for creating ads for connected TV.

Offer Variety:

There is nothing wrong with creating the ads on same company product. But we should build different ads attract the new viewers. Should offer the variety of ads with uniqueness in every ad.

Deliver What You Promised:

Deliver the right link to reach the proper product. It’s simply that if you are targeting to buy a camera when you click on the ad should directly contact the product. Not the crosslinking.

Grab The Viewer’s Attention:

People attract the motion pictures as opposed to static ads. If a user just places on the ad, it should tell something that is it in the Ad. Something is floating around the screen like a beginning of the story.

Don’t Make Them To Work:

Provide the correct links to go through the ads. Connected Tv viewers are still interactive but don’t allow them to go through different links. Provide proper information of Ad on the with the single connection.

Make it as Personal:

Connected TV ads are interactive and make them more interacting with the viewers. Ads should target the particular persons or type of group ability to choose their ads and experience in their point of View.

CTV is Just like a TV:

CTV Screen looks like computer screens but still, there is TV screen like ads should display. People are waiting to view like a Traditional TV ad experience. The ads should be with bold text and full-screen image format.


Connected TV advertising is the best way to reach the real-time audiences that can boost the branding performance that helps in having huge sales of products or services that never happened before. It can hold the easy brand recognition in public.

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