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Ways to Use Twitter Moments to Increase Your YouTube Views

Ways to Use Twitter Moments to Increase Your YouTube Views

Twitter is the best platform to boost the conversion rates. It is the top micro-blogging platform which has a greater number of engagement levels comparing to other social media platforms.

The majority of brands like to connect with the Twitter for their business as it offers expanded targeting where you can reach a huge audience across the globe.

The platform was providing different features for both users and marketers to get good conversion rates to their business. Individuals are focusing on the Twitter platform to build dynamic community and conversations with the audience on Twitter.

Twitter moments are one of the best and exciting features to learn and enjoy. It is an active medium to stay engaged with the public and to get their attention.

Did you gone through what is Twitter moments and surprise with this title about using the Twitter moments for YouTube views?

Yeah, what you have read was right. To know about the information related to the Twitter moments, you must need to learn about everything about the Twitter moments. So, let’s start.

What are Twitter moments?

The Twitter moments are nothing but the collection of a curated tweet which is specially designed for the narration of a story on Twitter platform. You can create and share the Twitter moments to reach huge community across the Twitter platform.

The content curation tool helps you to gather and share the collection of tweets about the particular topic, and you can curate the content which conveys the story.

How to create Twitter Moments?

The primary thing you have to do before entering into the Twitter moment is to log-in to your Twitter account and find the Twitter moments tab on your profile page screen.

Go to the moments Tab so that you can find the Twitter moments and you can also have a choice to choose the most recent and relevant moments that can be displayed.

You can also check your minutes on Twitter if you created any by checking the Moments Tab on your account page screen.

Create your moments on Twitter with Twitter moments

• Go to your account page and click on the Twitter moments

• You can now select three dots on the Tweet and select New moment option.

• Click on the profile page to find the Moments tab that comes next to the Lists.

• Click on the LISTS TAB to select the create new moment option.

Tips for creation of your personal Twitter moments

Every Twitter moment you have created must need good description and title. So, pass them at first. After adding these descriptions, you can make your tweets ready for your Twitter moment.

There are many options you can utilize and select the tweets you love.

After choosing your title and description to your Twitter moments, you can quickly grab better engagement levels towards your Twitter moments.

After deciding about which moment to create, you can scroll downwards to add tweets which we have explained above and after that, you can also find the tweet you want to add to your moment. Click on the grey colored mark which presents on the right side of the tweet. So you can add tweets manually for your moments.

Add a good cover image to your Twitter moments. It will appear as a thumbnail just like in YouTube videos.

Customize your moments

You can customize your Twitter moments by setting the mobile theme and its color, and you can also decide the location you want to share your Twitter moments. You can also manage the Twitter moments by unpublishing or delete the same.

If you are pretty sure you want to share and publish, just click on the Publish button which is present at the top right corner of your page.

Promote it

Promote your Twitter moments using the Tweets. Compose a good tweet on your moment and share the link of your Twitter moments in the Tweet box.

You can also have an edit and delete option after the composition of your tweet.

How to use Twitter Moments for YouTube Video Promotion

Marketers are utilizing the Twitter moments and conveying their message to their audience using the Twitter moments for their YouTube marketing to boost huge view count for their videos.

It is clear to all that YouTube is an excellent place to experiments and in particular for the individual businesses and brands. The majority of channels on YouTube has promoted their channels successful with the Twitter moments feature.

There are many ways how marketers can utilize the Twitter moments ad can boost their YouTube views.

Content curation

Twitter is the most significant platform for the content curation where the Twitter moments can be very useful for organized the various interesting resources and curate the content in an organized way.

Compelling storytelling

Twitter moments are the best way to convey your story through moments. It is an active storytelling medium. It also offers an excellent way to repurpose the various content even your YouTube videos.

How to boost YouTube video views

Yes, you can promote your YouTube video views by taking a snapshot of your videos and posting those links in the twitter moments promotion. It helps your audience to find out something new and special from your Twitter moments.

You can explain your YouTube video in your Twitter moments and engage the audience towards your YouTube videos and can fetch good video views towards your videos.

You can also promote the upcoming videos from your YouTube channel and make them audience-pleasing towards your content on YouTube platform.

Sharing Old YouTube Videos into Twitter Moments

Repurposing your videos is one the best way to get connected with your audience gain through Twitter moments.

Incorporate the video tweets at the moment and tell an effective story in your creative way to your audience. You can also use the video as your cover for your moment which can bring you great interaction with your moments.

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