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Ways to Index YouTube Videos and Ranked Quickly

YouTube is the second largest search engine and the video destination across the web. More than 93 billion page views were recorded every month on the YouTube platform. That is the reason for the demand of the video advertising and the marketing on the YouTube platform.

More than 30 million hours video was uploaded on to the platform every month. So, it is challenging for an individual artists or creator or marketers to get their identity among the millions of videos on the YouTube platform.

So, to get good visibility and one must follow the steps to index and get good ranking for your videos. Here are some tips to get your video indexed and rank higher on search engines.

Attractive Ttitle

The title of the video is essential to get found in the search results. The title must be user-friendly and must not contain any abusive words. It must optimise according to search algorithm updates. Include some main keywords in the title which are relevant to the topic.

Description of the Videos

The description of the video must be within the two to three lines that matter the ranking on the search engines. You can also use different keyword tools to generate the keywords and can include in the description. The description of the video must be informative and must not be very long to read.

Closed Captioning

Use the closed caption feature on the YouTube which can show the text over the videos. Closed Captioning is very much helpful to the viewers and new algorithm on YouTube platform coverts and translates the text according to the location, and the viewers from all regions can watch your content.

Promote your video on various platforms and embed it on to your blog or websites.

The title, tags, description plays a key role in ranking on search engines like Google. So focus on the long tail keywords which can get good results. But focus on the relevancy and make frequent changes.


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