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Ways to Increase YouTube Audience Retention Time

Youtube Audience

There has never been a better target for advertisers than Audience Retention. Every marketer wants his audience to come back time and again to check the latest ads, offers and products. The same is the case with YouTube. YouTube is the second largest social network in the world, with more than 1 billion monthly active users, if you haven’t started treating it like a social network and developing your #audience, you’re missing out on something big. Audience development is equally as important as high content. By creating fantastic content and spending zero time on audience development, you are confident that you will not succeed on YouTube.

Although Social Media Managers and marketers have mastered the art of Facebook and Twitter audience development over the past five years, YouTube marketing is still in its infancy. There’s a lot of confusion over what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few tricks that you can pull to help retain audience on your channel or video.

Know your audience: One of the most critical parts of audience development is knowing your audience, and the best way to get to do that audience is to see what they’re saying about your videos.

Engage with your audience : YouTube is great for uploading videos and sharing them with your friends or idly killing a few hours watching cats do crazy things but at its heart its a social network. Adopting tried and true best practices from your Twitter and Facebook endeavours and applying them to YouTube will go a long way in creating a community around your content.

Work on the way to schedule your programming on your channel : One of the best ways to get your audience to come back often is by providing them with consistent content. Your YouTube analytics graph shouldn’t look like an earthquake seismograph it should reflect the consistent growth that is sustainable. You don’t want to be just another one hit wonder.

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