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Ways to Increase Traffic to your YouTube Live Streaming

Video advertising and marketing were changing and exploring new ways to reach the people and increasing the brand and business exposure with the video. At present, the video was trending with the live streaming. Many businesses may think that people don’t have that much time to watch the live streaming video on the YouTube platform instead of watching the numerous exciting videos on the platform. But, it was a wrong opinion of the marketers, because it was revealed that more than one by third business video was viewed through live streaming.


The average viewing time is 5 minutes on YouTube platform. Even in the gaming content also, live streaming has great demand, and people are interested in the real-time happenings and watching in the form of video live on YouTube platform. To gain more traffic using the live streaming on YouTube, you must follow the various ways as supports.

Schedule your live streaming program

First things first, schedule your stream by making pre-arrangements to start the live stream. Target your audience on various platforms. Use good quality cameras and equipment to design your live streaming without any disturbances.

Promote your scheduled streaming within YouTube

Promote your live streaming schedule to your subscribers on YouTube via emails and private messages. Connect and interact with the audience on YouTube and respond to their comments. Create a teaser type of video on your upcoming live stream to the audience. Clarify their doubts in comments section.

Cross promote your Live streaming video

Post your live streaming schedule in various status on different social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. this helps you to grab more audience for your live stream and in turn increase the traffic towards your live stream on YouTube platform.

Promote your schedule via mails

Invite your friends and relatives to your live stream and notify them timely about your upcoming live streaming on YouTube platform. Helps you to gain more traffic.

Distribution of the content must be your target with live streaming video

Add a virtual ticket for your live streaming which helps you to monetize your stream much better. Market your event efficiently with good arrangements and approach the people with your live streaming video on the YouTube platform.

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