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Ways Digital Video is impacting the Online Learning Ecosystem

Ways Digital Video is impacting the Online Learning Ecosystem

Learning is a process where the knowledge is imparted from one generation to another generation.In olden days the teacher in a classroom is the primary person/source to impart training to students in his classroom.

Now there is a sea-change in the learning system.There is no boundary of the classroom and with the invention of the technological advancements, entire globe is becoming a classroom.‘Online’ is the buzzword.  The learning process is made simpler as there is no fixed timing nor there is a fixed classroom that the student needs to attend to gain knowledge.

Online learning ecosystem is providing a platform for the knowledge providers (teachers) and the knowledge gainers (students).Though there is no physical interaction, the online learning system is providing a virtual interaction through video calls etc.

Education, the world over, is quite an attractive field with increasing number of students (both offline and online) enrolling for gaining knowledge.This naturally attracts many business leaders also to venture into this field. With the ever increasing ‘net usage’, the online learning system is gaining further momentum.  In today’s world, online is able to provide information about anything and everything.   Graduating themselves from doing searches on Google on ‘what is…’, now people are searching mock tests, video lectures & assignments.  This is quite but natural.

Without going deeper into the comparison of traditional and online learning ecosystem, we can safely conclude that the latest concept is more novel in the sense that the content is getting constantly updated thereby creating increased interest in the minds of the students.All the more, the digital video is definitely a shot in the arm in the online learning system.

A single video is able to provide more information than some pages of the descriptive matter.That too digital video is having attractive features like clarity and more detailed presentation. These features are definitely having an impact on the online learning system.

What is the advantage of ‘digital’ over the traditional educational system?   Digital can offer flexibility as well as adaptability and affordability.A student can hook to the net as per his convenient and gain knowledge meaning that the digital is offering flexibility.Adaptability is the student can browse the content of his interest and gain more knowledge on the same.Affordability is more interesting in that the digital/online education is coming much cheaper than the traditional forms of an education system.  Online education is available at almost 20%-25% of the cost of the traditional system and that is quite an attractive figure that is attaching the learners to online and making them refer the same in comparison to the traditional educational system.

‘Digital’ is also able to bridge the gap that exists in the traditional educational system. The methodology of question paper preparation,evaluating the answer sheets and awarding the marks/ranks is all avoided in the digital education.

Digital education is also able to offer ‘personalized’ and ‘adaptive’ methods of learning. The very beginning of ‘digital’ starts with registration (in contract to enrollment in the traditional education system).The registration gives ample information about the student and provides an opportunity for the online educator to offer personalized education.Once the knowledge is personalized it is adaptive and the student can make the best use of the knowledge that is gained through online education.

Digital education is also cost effective for the government.The Governments can save the huge amount that is invested in the construction of classrooms and the training of teachers.

However, the digital education is not free from limitations.Suppose there are certain streams of education that need laboratory experiments that need to be done under the personal supervision of experts.Though there are ‘YouTube’ videos for most of the experiments, still there is a need for personal supervision for many of the experiments and the future will be definitely able to solve this issue as well.

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