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Watchmojo YouTube channel is one of the biggest channels on YouTube Platform and the number of subscribers it has are 12,933,451+ and total channel views are 6,861,549,295+. The channel launched in 2007. The network has thirty channels and 15,070+ videos.

Other channels in the WatchMojo YouTube channel network are MSMojo, WatchMojo Espanol, WatchMojo Francais, WatchMojo Deutschland, WatchMojo, WatchMojoNL etc. WatchMojo YouTube channel uploads new videos every day, the list of Top 10 Music, TV, Film, Video games, Politics, News, Comic etc., there are around ten thousand videos in its back catalog. The most popular video on WatchMojo YouTube channel is the top 10 Bruce Lee moments. Other popular categories are video games and movies.

Top 10 Videos on Trending Topics is the Success Formula

WatchMojo is presently the video powerhouse online. The company production centered on pop culture and entertainment. The channel is popular with the top ten lists videos and countdowns.

The channel was declared the 7th largest channel on YouTube in the year 2014.

The success formula of WatchMojo is the fact that they listen to their viewers. The take the feedback from fans and critics about the channel and according to plan their content, uploads and marketing strategy.

They invite suggestions, ideas from followers on fans via emails, tweets, and comments. The WatchMojo YouTube channel gives the viewers what they want.

The channel also gets requests from the likes of Warner Bros and Universal for promoting their releases, which explains the popularity of the channel.

Top 10 format is the success formula for the WatchMojo channel, and this is a good way to get people talk about it, watch it and share the content.

WatchMojo Follow Current Trends

This YouTube channel follows the current trends and develops the content that appeals to most of the people. The channel uploads four to six top 10 videos every day.

  • The channel has thirty members team consisting of researchers, writers, videographers, editors, hosts, and others.
  • It also takes the services of hundred plus part-time freelancers that help in accelerating the production of videos.
  • The channel consistently uploads content, more than an hour of content per day.
  • WatchMojo YouTube channel launched a channel dedicated to women.
  • The channel says twenty percent of the subscribers and forty percent of the channel viewers are female.
  • There is a demand for content for women audience.
  • Since the channel is well established among men, the channel is opting for the new channels.
  • The channel focuses on having videos related to women topics such as workout songs, Christian Aguilera videos etc.
  • The channel is called the MsMojo. The channel was launched in November 2015 and already it has 267,760+ subscribers and 52,400,287+ views.

Multilingual YouTube Channel Strategy

WatchMojo YouTube channel has multilingual channels and also plans to launch channels in few more languages. This is one of the success formulae of the channel.

The pop culture and American-centric videos are loved globally, and the viewers for this channel and the channel says that fifty percent of its viewers are English speaking and the remaining fifty percent are the global audience that understands English.

To increase the viewer base of non-English speaking people, WatchMojo is focusing on multilingual channels.

The channel aims to make them a billion-dollar brand. WatchMojo will partner with local media to create content for these multilingual channels, and the content will be original.

The channel says, it is a challenge to please all the types of audience and the popularity of their channel is because they take the challenge seriously.

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