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12 Reasons No One’s Watching your YouTube Videos


Are you a Vlogger? But you are not getting the expected response from the audience. Are you frustrated of following all others suggestions?

You might know about the “Philip DeFranco” who is well famous and no. one vlogger in YouTube.

He has almost 5,418,434+ subscribers and 1,889,466,309+ views which is not an ordinary thing.

What does he do to get that much engagement? He just simply reveals the news on politics, current topics, events and gossips of celebrities.

But whatever he chatters in YouTube channel it straightly strikes at the eye of the audience immediately.

What he considers to be an inspiration for others and why no one is watching your YouTube videos? Here are the reasons to blast that twist where you are neglecting.

1.Low Quality

I think your video quality is very low which has been captured with cheap equipment like cameras and mics.

Including that the background of the video might not be attractive. Allocate some sufficient budget to provide everything at a fine quality.

2.Boring Start

There might major defect in the initiation of video storytelling. Here the way of explanation with facial expressions and using hyperactive words in each sentence you deliver is very important.

Otherwise, the audience might get bored and never visit again as it claims ‘the first impression is the best’ forever.

If you are confused to take the extraordinary initiation just go through the YouTube masters channels.

3.Low Sound

The next step you might be failed is that video is having a low sound that no one gets the points that what you are expressing. It must be audible to the audience understands better.

4.Thumbnail is Not Catchy

The thumbnail is the life of the video and you are using the dull thumbnails that not at all clutching the audience. Add colored thumbnails with ultra-visual effects that can’t find anywhere.

5.Not Optimized for YouTube Search

Though you have good video content if there is no description, tags and titles for that video then it won’t get many results.

As the description and title are available in the search results of the search engine which leads much traffic your channel.

Here the description and title will impact the audience by directing them directly to your channel. Hence mention the ultimate titles and description.

6.No Link Building and External Embedding

You are uploading the video but not assigning the internal links of other video content on that video.

That you are not giving the external embed links of the video of yours and others at your channel.

Just follow the “Newton’s third law of for every action there is reaction” that is when you involve others at your’s they might obviously show interest to share your links with their videos.

7.Not Creating Video Content on Current Topics

You are not generating any videos that related to current trending topics. 90% of the audience from the public will be connected to the trending news which is very exciting to know the more and more.

8.You are only promoting your own Brand

Everyone knows that ‘self-exaltation is the fool’s paradise’. You are just only promoting your own brand by yourself without the involvement of others.

A single word from the mouth of others will impacts more than by our own. When you are not uttering others they too do the same in vice versa.

9.Not giving value for User Engagement

You are not considering the comments and feedback of the audience at your video. This is the major fault that you are doing.

If you observe Pew Die Pie and Philip DeFranco they give an immediate reply to only fans cum subscribers. This is the secret of their winning.

When you don’t show interest towards the viewers they just kick of your videos by quitting to watch.

10.No Social Media Promotion

The blind mistake you are doing is that you are not using the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,Snapchat and Twitter which are the most trending apps that connect millions of users for the video you upload to your channel. Try to share the links at those sites and at your own blog as well.

11.Your Channel is not having Subscriber Base

Your channel doesn’t have many subscribers that who really looking for the content you upload. First of all just build up the subscribers by introducing the audience preferred content in the channel.

12.You recorded your Video with a lot of background Noise

The YouTube video you uploaded might have lots of background noise which annoys every visitor who is watching those videos. Just clean up those issues immediately.


These are the bullets of mistakes that mislead you to get a huge drop of your channel that allows audience not to watch your YouTube videos. Just consider all these points when you want to run a successful channel.

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