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VSDC Video Editor [Review]

Among the many free video editor programs for windows, VSDC is one of the dominant programs. Many features are available in this editor and the users can freely edit their videos and also add special filters and effects making their video look professional.

VSDC video editor is not only for editing the videos, but videos can be also created from video clips and still images. Most of the video editing apps available are very expensive and so most of these are not accessed and here comes the importance of VSDC video editor.

This is a professional level video editor. If you want to access advanced features, what you have to pay is very less.

VSDC provides a free alternative for those who cannot afford to buy expensive video editing software. Let us now know the video editing tools offered by VSDC. It offers more than 50 visual effects.

These include transitions and filters. Quick styles are also available with which retro movie look can be given to the videos.

With non-linear video editors you can place the objects in non linear sequence. Blending modes is another video feature which allows merging two videos.

VSDC allows uploading videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is possible to adjust the quality, resolution and framerate manually while exporting.

There are more than thirty video export options which is one of the most interesting features of VSDC.

There are built in video and screen recorder in VSDC. Recording videos from screen and webcam at a time is possible. Though there are many free video editing software, VSDC is one software that offers rich features and export options.

This is one of the best choices for those who want to try simple video editor and try new tools.

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