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VOD Time-Shifted Viewing – The Next Big Thing

VOD Time-Shifted Viewing

Video on demand is one of the forms of time-shifting viewing. Time shifting enables the viewers to watch VOD by fast forwarding it, rewinding it or pausing it whenever they want. This is like watching a recorded program using DVR or VCR.

The video viewing habits for the consumers changed since past few years and now and the platforms available are being used by them to watch the videos. This is primarily because people are not watching videos on televisions along. There is lot of different devices available.

Video on demand set up boxes were available since a couple of years in most of the households. The video on demand accessibility is allowing the viewers to watch the programs at their convenient time leisurely. Only older content was available for time shifting earlier but now the networks are trying to provide recent content also.  Video on Demand has become very easily accessible and user-friendly.

Video on Demand time-shifting viewing is going to be more popular especially with the young audience in the future. We can expect development or more hardware tools to offer the VOD feature on televisions and other devices. Time shifting viewing increases the consumption of content and pay per click is likely to be increased.  The audience may also be offered ad-free content in special packages. Video on demand services are likely to be offered for different devices for content consumption and multi-screen utilization is likely to be increased.

Video on demand services are more popular and more consumed by the younger individuals on their mobile phones that on televisions. A well-designed video on demand can offer a better experience to the audience and make it easy for them to see the video whenever, wherever and on any device they want.

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