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The Ultimate Guide to VOD Dynamic Ad insertion (DAI)

VOD Dynamic Ad insertion

There is a lot of change in the way consumers are consuming content. More and more audience is now embracing time-shifting viewing experience. It led to declining in live television consumption. Video on Demand or VOD is a component of shift viewing experience. VOD Dynamic Ad insertion allows viewers to watch their favourite programs at their leisure. And there is no need to have any other hardware than the set-top box. VOD platforms became another option for video consumption with the content quantity of content accessibility increased.

VOD Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)

Video on Demand platform is not only for consumers but also is popular for television networks and advertisers as it can be measured and monetised. New advertising opportunities created and one of them is Dynamic Ad Insertion. The cable providers can insert the Dynamic ads in the VOD content. The length of these ads can vary from fifteen to sixty seconds. According to studies, the thirty-second advertisements are more popular on this platform. There can be different formats of these ads, and these are pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll.

Dynamic ad insertion for VOD efficiently handles the workflow and saves cost. It fully supports a VAST standard. Dynamic ad insertion was once a costly procedure and was also challenging, and it often resulted in poor viewing experience.

Viewers watch VOD on large screen television that increases their engagement. The advertisers get an opportunity to invest in high-quality programming, and the consumers watch these ads in VOD.

VOD Dynamic Ad Insertion Technology Platforms

Adobe Primetime provides client side and server side dynamic ad insertion for VOD content. The platform helps you to provide better viewing experience to the users and this help increase the engagement and more revenue.

Comcast Wholesale helps the advertisers in making dynamic ad insertion a reality. They use the latest technologies to support DAI and help in creating considerable revenue.

Brightcove is another platform helps in stitching the ads in the content and delivers the VOD as continuous stream. Ad blockers are thus prevented and the viewer experience is improved.

VOD Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) Trends

Dynamic Ad Insertion on Video on Demand advertisers can better target the effectiveness of their campaign. VOD is a good investment for marketers, and more and more marketers are trying VOD, and those who already tried are coming back with big goals and budgets. Different categories of marketers are now adopting VOD dynamic ad insertion, and these include studios, auto, telecommunications and retail.

Dynamic Video Insertion is the latest trend in the industry. Advertisers and the agencies are now talking about how this can change and revolutionise television. In this technology, ads are delivered to target audience based on their data and other insights.

We know television is still popular and businesses of any size can get benefit from placing their advertisements on television. How is Dynamic Ad Insertion going to benefit the brands? Dynamic Ad Insertion reduces wastes for advertisers. They can target specific audience, and the campaigns can get more value for the money they spend.

Canoe ventures are one of the technology providers for dynamic ad insertion, and these provide their services for various cable networks and major broadcast. Their VOD DAI platform is expanded across 130 DMAs. One of the advantages with VOD ads is that they are not skippable.

Video on Demand Dynamic Ad Insertion is here to stay and gives a great opportunity for the ad agencies, marketers and the cable operators. Inserting these ads in VOD gives more value for the marketers and cable operators.

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