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The Ultimate Guide to Vine Camera

Vine Camera

The vine app, the short video app of Twitter has is now changed as the Vine camera on the 17th of January. Users of the Vine app will have to update the app to use it as Vine Camera. The app can be used to record videos and upload them to Twitter or can be saved on the camera. Vine was founded in 2012, and Twitter acquired it even before it was launched. The launching of YouTube, Instagram Video, Snapchat Stories, etc. caused the video makers who were using Vine to flee it, and the viewers sank.

What is Vine Camera?

Twitter turned off liking, commenting and sharing in the vine. The app is now updated as Vine Camera. It can be updated to Android and iOS devices. Those who do not want to update can open the app or watch their old feed ad profiles, but eventually, this will also stop working if not updated. You cannot download the vines now. No social network is now attached to the Vine Camera, as it is called now. Twitter also disabled the Vine Soundboard, Snap-to-beat and soundtracking tools.

Features of Vine Camera

Vine has now become Vine camera and can be downloaded from Play store and App Store. Vine Camera is now a camera app that allows you to record videos. The app will now give you an option to save it on the camera or upload it to twitter. These options appear on the sharing screen. When uploading to Twitter, you can add a caption to it. The videos recorded with Vine Camera will not show the Vine logo. There are no login or community features for updated Vine Camera.

The videos created with Vine Camera can be edited using the tools available such as multi-clip trimming, AF focus, ghost tool, Grid Overlay, and Flash. The videos can be stored as drafts. Videos can be imported from the phone also. Apart from creating and editing looping videos, other features of Vine are not available now.

The vine Camera app can be used to record 6.5-second long looping video footage. However, the users of Vine are very disappointed with the new Vine camera. The major difference between Vine and Vine Camera is that while Vine was a social media app, Vine Camera is simply a camera app. It is said that more than ten million downloads of Vine Camera from Google Play Store are reported.

Vine Camera for Business

Brands can leverage Vine looping videos for their business. They can shot six seconds of short looping videos and share them with Twitter followers. Brands can ask the followers to submit short videos on their products and services recording with Vine. Give some incentives for users, who participate in the event; this will increase engagement.

Create series of video with rich narrative to help increase awareness and build engagement. Brands and businesses can create short video testimonials for their products. Including a call to action will make the clips more powerful. Short how-to videos is another type of video content that can be made. Take the followers to behind the scenes, show them how the products are made or introduce them the people involved in your business.

Those who created Vine account before 17th of January can log in to but those who do not have an account cannot sign up now. Likewise, you cannot transfer vine followers to Twitter. We will have to wait and watch whether Twitter will run additional development work into this updated app, Vine camera to compete with Instagram and Snapchat or not.

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