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Video Watch Time is more on Mobile Devices than Desktop [Study]

Video Watch Time is more on Mobile Devices than Desktop [Study]

Video watching become a part of our lives these days and with the rise in smart technology and the usage of smartphones leads to the increase in watch time of online videos than from PC. Video Watch Time is major aspect to all vloggers.

More than 98 percent people were accessing the content through the mobile devices rather than the PC the mobile devices for to listening the music and 60 percent people were downloading various apps from the mobile devices.

Even the marketers and business were turning towards the mobile devices and targeting their consumers online via mobile marketing. The mobile usage is influencing the social media platforms, and even e-commerce become raised with the increase of mobile shopping from the consumers online. Various factors are effecting on the usage of mobile devices to PC.

Mobile is portable

Portability is also one of a reason for raise in the mobile video watch time because; mobile can be carried away to any place, unlike PC. It is easy to surf the net at your fingertips within seconds with one click go.

The users can watch in their comfortable angle and even while traveling in bus or Train. So, with increase in the comfort levels, users are preferring the mobile devices to watch videos

Mobile data plans are cheap and best

Mobile data plans are reasonable at cost comparing to LAN charges as well as it consumes less data through the mobile video watching. So, it is also one of the reasons in increasing the mobile video watch time.

Video ad visibility is highest on Mobile devices:

People who use a smartphone they have some social media apps for music, videos, chat, etc. So, social media ads are given mostly on mobile apps to increase their brands’ growth.

Different Smart Devices:

The usage of smart devices has raised every year, smart devices are like mobile phones, Tablets, video games, smart wristwatches and more.
People use different services at different times according to their accessibility in work and home environments.


If you are aware of Global; statistics of Mobile video consumption that reveals the usage of mobile devices completely compared to desktops. The above is an ultimate guide for Video watch time is more in Mobiles when compared to Desktop.

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