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Tips for Using Video Transcripts To Boost Your YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is the best way to optimise the YouTube channel to increase the channel exposure on the web. There are some millions of videos that are uploaded onto the platform every month, and it is challenging to get right ranking and exposure among the channels. So, one must approach the search engine optimisation techniques to produce better views and subscriptions from the audience. Several methods that must be applied to reach the success step. The video transcripts are also one of the ways to produce the content that is more derivative and also helps the boosting the YouTube SEO. Here are some tips on using the video transcripts in your YouTube videos.

A video transcript makes your content universally accessible

A video transcript helps the viewers to know about your content clearly and even the deaf, and dumb people can also access your content. So, as it is accessible universally, Google focuses on the content and provides with a high rank in search results.

Transcripts provides good engagement levels

The videos with the transcript helps you to gain more views and increases the video watch time as it revealed that majority of people were expecting the video transcript to understand the videos in a right manner better. So, this makes your videos rank better and helps in gaining good exposure.

It increases the discoverability of your video

Video transcripts boost your SEO rankings as it helps your video discoverability in various search engines and will get good priority among the other videos which don’t have any video transcripts. So, it is essential to add the video transcripts to your videos.


Here you can find the complete details of how the video transcripts help in building strong YouTube channel through SEO. If you are intended to get more traffic through search engine optimization then go on using the above provided tips.

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