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10 Video SEO Secrets for YouTube Channels You Must Know

YouTube is the most popular and number one video platform in spite of encroachment from other platforms. YouTube is also the second popular search engine. Strong YouTube Video SEO Secrets required to compete to get the content discovered on YouTube as hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to this platform every minute.

  1. Adding closed captions will help deaf or hard of hearing viewers and those who do not understand your language. Google gives priority to that content which enhances the experience of the user.
  2. Using the YouTube’s automatic option will not help for SEO as Google or YouTube do not index the auto-captions.
  3. Optimize the title, description, and tags of the video with right keywords. These should describe the content of the video accurately.
  4. YouTube chooses automatic thumbnails for your video. Choose the right one which describes your video. You can also upload a custom thumbnail which will be more beneficial for SEO.
  5. Having the transcription of the video in the description helps the bots to know what is there in the video.
  6. If your video is long, you cannot have the entire transcript in the description field as it is limited words. Try including the truncated transcript. You can otherwise add a link to full text.
  7. Having subtitles of the video in multiple languages broadens the reach of the video. More viewers mean more views, more watch time and high search rank.
  8. Publish the videos regularly on a schedule. Build Links to Videos as much as possible.
  9. In the first week of publishing the videos get SEO boost and regularly publishing video ensures that the videos have higher up in SERPs.
  10. Embed the YouTube videos on your blogs and your websites.

Knowing the above secrets gives the video creators have a successful YouTube SEO strategy. Ask your subscribers to like and share the videos on your YouTube channel to social networking sites.

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