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Top 10 Video Recording Apps for iOS

Video Recording Apps

iPhone is the top edge brand that every tech savvy can accept. It has the best camera of all other smartphone devices. There are many comfortable features in the native application like the size and recording. But, there is a need for a good quality app for video recording on iPhone and other iOS phones. Here are some top 10 Video Recording Apps for iOS.

Video Recording Apps


It is one of the professional applications that can provide the basic functions with extra features like switching from back to front without any disturbance. The cost of this app is $4.99.

Fish Eye

If you want to go for a wide angle like 180 degrees that Fish Eye is the best one that can provide various effects to increase the professional quality of the video. It is available for free of cost.


VizzyWig8 HD is best for 4K recording and no need to buy a professional camera. Of course, the app is expensive and promises you the best 4K with a music video in high quality.

Camera Awesome

The perfect app which can replace the iPhone camera as it has great manual settings which can deliver high quality. it is available for free of cost.

Movie pro

One of the top video recording app which allows changes in resolution, frame rate and the video quality along with the good mic. It is available for $5.99.


Best app for small video clips recording which can be joined later within this app for perfect video. It is also equipped with the best video editor. This app is available for free of cost.


Videoshop has good video recording feature along with the video editing. Best for slow motion and time lapsing videos. It costs $1.99.

Viva video pro

All in one video recording app, it can save and upload the videos to the social networking platforms too. It costs $2.99.

Top camera

It is perfect for high-quality video recording which can also stabilize the video footage. It costs $2.99.

Pro Cam 3

Best app for high-quality video recording and date stamping on videos. It can deliver professional quality video recording. It costs $2.99.

Finally, utilize this top 10 video recording apps which can fit better with your requirements and enjoy your videos.

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