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Guide to Measuring Video Quality of Experience (QoE)

Video Quality of Experience

The quality of experience (QoE) is required to measure the customers’ experience with the services by a third party whether web browsing, TV broadcast etc. QoE has synonyms like QoX, QX etc. QoE can be measured from different dimensions–from the perspective of the buyer as well as the perspective of the seller. Overall, there has to be a system to measure the QoE.

With the ever increasing domain of content marketing, the video is playing more important role in the marketing and as such the quality–and experience as well–need to be monitored. As such, there urgently needed for monitoring video QoE.

In simpler terms, QoE is what the seller offered and to what extent he can provide the service. On the other hand, the purchaser’s experience concerning his expectations regarding the products/services and also the outcome of his visiting the site of the seller. All these dimensions combinedly are known as Video Quality of Experience (QoE).

QoE provides an opportunity to the seller to curate his content to meet the requirements of the buyers. At the same time also provide an opportunity to the buyer to streamline. his requirements so that he can get full advantage of the content marketing offered on various platforms.

QoE is influenced by many factors like the systems used by the seller & the purchaser–low or high definition TV, the environment–whether indoor or outdoor, the nature of the content and its importance–whether yes/no or orchestral concert. Measurement of QoE naturally takes into consideration all these factors and a final decision provided on the End-To-End chains and network management.

In line with the above line, several QoE management solutions came into existence, and there are many online tools are also available in this direction. One of the methods to measure Video QoE is using a reference-less analysis. In this analysis, there is no comparison between the original content and the delivered content. But there is an attempt to detect artefacts about blockiness, blur or jerkiness in the content (as these are considered to be most disturbing factors from the viewers’ perspective). There are subjective and objective evaluation methods for evaluation of QoE.

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