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20 Facts & Advantages of Video Programmatic Buying

Video Programmatic Buying

Video Programmatic Buying is growing day by day because it is making more transaction for buying ads and highly effective way. Programmatic video advertising is displayed OTT services and traditional Televisions. Video Programmatic Buying is cost-effective and better targeting of consumers.

Advantages of Video Programmatic Buying

  1. More than 21 percent of ad spend online was increased comparing to the previous year.
  2. 81 percent programmatic buying revenue was obtained from the banner ads.
  3. Programmatic Video Buying took several weeks to make a perfect ad campaign strategy
  4. The ad impressions of the programmatic video was around 0.35 of a second
  5. 75% marketers are buying programmatically out and around 60 percent marketers buy on mobile.
  6. More than 299 trillion bytes of data was processed on the programmatic video platforms across the web.
  7. The programmatic ecosystem is very large and was fragmented.
  8. The creative content like infographics play great role in digital media
  9. Video Programmatic Buying is very cost effective
  10. Video Programmatic Buying saves many unnecessary impressions
  11. It helps to drive ROI positively
  12. The programmatic purchase has good efficiency and increases the value and performance in the advertising.
  13. It enables to target the consumers in a better way
  14. Video Programmatic Buying also helps to get connected with the advertisers and the audiences within a short span of time.
  15. It enhances the value to the content and helps in business growth
  16. It reduces the manual approaching and cut down the costs
  17. Video Programmatic Buying saves lots of time and money
  18. Full-fledged functioning can be achieved by the programmatic buying
  19. It is very advantageous to the publishers to promote the inventories.
  20. CPM display average gets increased with good percentage and allows the advertisers to target the consumers efficiently.


Programmatic video advertising increases the targeting the audience and the mew algorithms increasing the fastness of the video ads rather than paper and pamphlet ads.

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