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10 Best Video Player Apps for Android



Video Player Apps for Android

Smartphones usage is increasing as they are now available for affordable prices and they become a part of our lives. The increase in smartphone users led to more and more apps being created. Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system. We can see thousands of apps on Google PlayStores and it is difficult to say which one is better.

More and more video content is being watched on smartphones and it is essential to have a good video player for Android to run the video smoothly. Here is the list of ten best video player apps for Android smartphones.

1. One of the most popular and best video players for Android is VLC media player. It supports all audio and video formats and codec installation is not required.

2. MoboPlayer is one of the video players that are around since longtime. This also supports all video formats.

3. Dice Player also supports all video formats and subtitles and even world perfectly for low-end phones.

4. MX Player is another video player available in the Playstore. This can be used in the tablets to play videos.

5. Feather is another top media player for Android smartphones using which playlist of videos can be created. This is compatible with all android versions.

6. mVideo Player supports high-quality videos.

7. BSPlayer has very interesting features such as less battery consumptions and it supports all video formats.

8. G-Player is another best video player for Android and can be used as an online player also.

9. RockPlayer2 can be used to see HD videos even if the smartphone does not support HD videos. This allows the exchange of files via WiFi.

10. Wondershare Player supports all video codes and audio files.

Choose the best video player and install it on your Android mobile phone to watch the videos and enjoy your free time.Thses are the best Video Player Apps for Android

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