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Video Marketing Tactics for Multi-Platform Content Distribution

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While the marketer is interested in ensuring the proper promotion and reasonable response/result for his content, he can’t depend on the single channel/platform for this purpose.

He is required to adopt multi-platform content distribution approach in this regard.

What is multi-platform content distribution?

This is a process where the marketer puts his content on different channels at a similar time. This would enable him to take advantage of the increased viewership of different platforms.

What are the different platforms that are available today – this is quite a simple question to ask. But the answer is complicated as the list is increasing day by day.

The platforms include personal computers, iPads, CD-ROMs, smartphones, tablets and much more. With each of the platform offering its advantages, the marketer can’t ignore any of the mentioned platforms.

Given below are some of the video marketing tactics to achieve optimum results from multi-platform content distribution.

• Attractive content is the first and foremost requirement to attract the content viewer.

• Presentation of the content in the most appropriate (and presentable) format is equally essential for the marketer to achieve the desired results.

• The optimum video is another important criterion. As some of the displays are smaller in size, the lengthier videos may not get the required attention from the viewers.

• Maintaining regular programming schedule is another important factor that the marketer of the content can’t ignore. The viewers might like the interaction with the marketer, and there has to be a provision for providing the required contact details and contact timings as well.

• Playlists as a concept work very well in making the viewer sit in front of the video till all the content in the playlist displayed.

• Attractive titling and thumbnail attracts and retains the viewers to the content.

Cross-advertisement is required to attract subscribers of one channel to the content of the marketers on other channels.

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