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Video Marketing Ideas That Include All Areas Of Your Business


When it comes to video marketing, you may often find that you need to come up with a range of new idea to keep everything fresh and exciting. When you want to stand out, you’re not always okay with using the same ideas that everyone else does. Because then, you’re just creating content that’s already out there, and that can start to feel old, very quickly. Instead, you need to be able to come up with content ideas that are going to not only be exciting, but be personal to you. Standing out with advertising is often best done when you keep things person and inject your own personality into things. So let’s look at the areas of your business you could bring into your video marketing to make it more personal.

Your Products

First of all, you could also look to feature your products in the video. Perhaps it could be a kind of “how things are made” kind of video, or even a feature on the story behind each product or the ideas that you’ve come up with? Showcasing your products in your video marketing is a really great way to be able to let your customers get to know them a little better. And you may find that you’re able to get some additional sales by featuring them in this way.

Your CEO

At the same time, it’s always great for your customers and prospective customers to get to know the people behind the business. And it’s for this reason that you should think about featuring your CEO, director, or management team in videos. Whether you choose to do “a day in the life of” style video, or even a question and answer session, it’s great for your audience to get to know the people in your company.

Your Employees

And it’s for that very reason that you should also look to feature your employees too. Even if your company is huge and you don’t know everyone, with the HR software in place, you’ll be able to manage and handpick the best people for the job. You could take a HR perspective and say why your company is a great place to work. Or you might just like to do a series on the people in your business, as a bit of a “get to know us” kind of feature.

Your Community Outreach

Another really great idea would be to work with your community outreach. When you’re doing a lot out in the community, it’s great to be able to share that as a part of your marketing. It can also be a good idea to show your customers how socially responsible you are too.

Your Sales Process

Finally, you could also feature your sales process too. This can be quite interesting for all kinds of stakeholders. You could think about showcasing your items being sold, or even do a feature that shows how your products get sent out to customers – as people always love to see the ins and outs of how businesses work.

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