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Video Marketing Consulting

by Jag

The human attention span is not what it used to be. That’s why a video is one of the strongest ways to advertise your business. A video that distills your message creatively is a long-term asset that will pay dividends in the future.

Our video production team utilizes original art, animation, writing and voice acting to bring your company’s story to life. We’re ready to execute the project in any format, from live-action to digital #animation.

ROI have driven video marketing services, REELNREEL Consultant fully-integrated video marketing services help grow your business by providing you quality, relevant, branded content. It is designed to integrate your brand, engage your consumer, and retain a loyal audience.

A video is meant to be seen to accomplish its objectives, and the creation is the first step to successful audience penetration. We can create compelling advertising to assure the message reaches your intended audience, integrated social engagement to help your audience share your message, and microsites to house your videos, and track your metrics.

If your business is struggling to build its online presence and you don’t know how to optimise your website or social media pages, you’re in the right place.

Video Marketing – We’ll develop a Video Strategy for your company or organization and produce compelling videos that captivate and inform your target customers.

Social Media – We’ll create a custom Social Media Strategic Plan that helps you demystifies and fully utilize social networking venues for business success.

Website Marketing Optimization – Your website is the destination from your social media venues. You are wasting time on social media if your website is not an effective marketing tool. We’ll redesign your current site to attract and engage visitors.

Our name clearly defines who we are… REELNREEL, Our branded content strategists, content writers, producers, account managers, script writers, camera operators, video editors, motion graphic designers, animators, and voice over talent all work together to provide you professional quality marketing videos

When produced, the video script was updated to enhance your SEO efforts. We pull the transcript and properly prepare your YouTube channel to enhance those efforts. Then our account managers make sure the clips and copy draw in relevant searches to your site and blog. And post on multiple social media sites to further enhance your credibility and position your brand as a relevant source.