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10 Ways Chatbots can Transform Video Marketing and Advertising


Chatbots gained popularity as the most important tool for marketers.Chatbot tools can be programmed to collect data, respond to keywords and to offer products to consumers.Chatbots are the better way to keep interacting with the consumers and give an overall improved consumer experience and to increase sales. How chatbots can benefit marketers in their video marketing and advertising? Let us know Chatbots can Transform Video Marketing and Advertising

1. Consumers want to contact the businesses not just in the banker’s hours but anytime during day or night to get information.Chatbots can be used to keep in touch with the consumers all the time.

2. Chatbots make it easy for the consumers to access the businesses.

3. Chatbots are programmed to track the purchasing patterns.This data helps the marketers to know how to advertise a specific product.

4. Chatbots are programmed to make the consumer feel that they are talking to a real person.

5. Chatbots address the consumer with the first name during the interaction session. A personalized video advertisement should be played to the consumer to introduce new products.

6. Facebook recently announced new features for Chatbots.The marketers can now use video, audio and GIF responses for customers queries though Facebook chatbots.

7. Based on the information provided by the consumers while using chatbots, these can ask the consumers to wait for some time and in the meanwhile show video advertisements that suit to their queries.

8. Chatbots minimize the gap between customers and brands and open doors to improve the customer’s experience.

9. Chatbots allow gaining customer insights.The more insights the brands gain, the better experience they can give to the consumers this in turn helps in better targeting and more sales.

10. The analytics data got through chatbots will help predict the trends and identify the buying patterns.

The marketers must try to capture meaningful data with chatbots and properly analyze it. This data can be used to make improve the advertising and video marketing strategies.

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