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Video Heatmap Analytics – The Next Big Thing

Video Heatmap Analytics

The two-dimensional visual representation of data is the heatmap and different data represented in different colors. Heat map analysis helps to track user engagement. Heat map analytics can help to identify the strong and weak spots of the webpage and also to test the effect of placement of various elements on the page. Video heatmap analytics help the marketer to identify where the viewers are watching the video most at any time. Different colors indicate different things – red means popular spots, blue is less number of people and black, no viewer engagement.

For the success of video marketing, it is important to know the audience interaction with the video. Different video analytics available now help the marketers to analyze the videos and make changes to their video marketing strategy is required. It helps to see the rewatching, skipping and viewing data. Most video Heatmap analytics available now have two important features, and these are to measure the performance of the video in the visitor stream and also an engagement graph.

Using the video Heatmap analytics, it is possible to know where the viewers are looking in the video. Marketers can know if the title of the video can draw views.Most viewers look straight when they are watching a video as long as they find the happening on the screen interesting and engaging.The creators can create future video content to motivate the viewers to look in other directions also by creating a focal point.

These are great to measure the online engagement for their video content.Video analytics help to gauge the viewer’s interests and use the heatmap to create better viewer effectiveness. Video heatmap analytics are sure to gain widespread interest among online marketers in future for all the benefits they get from this.

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