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20 Tips to make your Video Go Viral on Twitter

Tips to make your Video Go Viral on Twitter

Everyone knows the importance of Twitter on the platform of social media and the users of it shows that how the public is crazy to use it. The video plays a major role to attain such users then what measures we should consider to make it trending on Twitter.

  1. Create unique and compelling content
  2. Follow top influencers in your niche
  3. The content will drive very quickly with the global influencers
  4. Add some humor to the video content as majority of viral videos include humor
  5. Generate catchy and interesting hashtags
  6. Drive your campaign by promoting your hashtags and create buzz across the platform
  7. Start conversation with the communities and increase the value of your content on the platform
  8. Always devise a hashtag and make perfect organization of your conversations with your video campaign
  9. Promote your Tweets to amplify your message
  10. Use promoted trends to get good exposure
  11. Target the audience with efficient keywords
  12. Emotions are the key factor for the Virality
  13. Mid morning and mid afternoon are the best times for Twitter
  14. Tweet twice around 9 am and 4 pm to get shared among most of the audience across the platform
  15. Grow your followers and influence them
  16. Grab the people’s attention by answering their questions in a positive way
  17. The words ‘You’, ‘Your’ and because are the most liked words on Twitter.
  18. Include a site link to blog link in all your retweets posts
  19. The quality can help you to gain good trust. Always deliver the best quality video content.
  20. Don’t step back if you didn’t get the response after 10 Tweets or so as it is not a quick shot game. Be patient and be consistent


These are simple and best tactics that are mostly helpful to find the huge demand for your video in the public. If you want to be in the top position of the stack then go on applying these strategies.

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