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Top 10 Video Editing Software for Windows 10

Windows 10

Online video editing software has become more popular because the sharing of video content through social media was increased. Everyone is not perfect in programming to edit the videos or else we should spend some amount of money in order to create video. We get get some free video editing software, especially for windows.

There are many video editing software available to use for Windows 10 platform. The Internet helps to compare the features of these software and choose the best one.

1. Filmora video editor is compatible with Windows 10. This supports most of the audio files, videos and photos. You can get all the basic editing features such as cropping, editing, merging, green screen, filters and overlays. This is easy to learn and easy to use. This can be downloaded free.

2. VirtualDub is another software that can be used with Windows 10. Adding, deleting, cropping, reordering video parts and rotating the video are possible with this software. It also supports batch processing.

3. Pinnacle VideoSpin supports many file formats. It is easy to edit and there will be no difficulties in editing. Installation of the program on the computer needs registration.

4. Sony VegasMovie Studio allows enjoying assured compatibility. The software, however, is highly priced and the trial version only offers limited functionalities.

5. Windows MovieMaker free version comes with basic editing tools can be enjoyed. Editing of the video is easy with the timeline feature.

6. WinX Video converter programs also come with video editing options. This is compatible with Windows 10. The user can cut off, merge videos, add subtitles, adjust volumes, change the bit rate of lower video resolution.

7. Lightworks Free is a free video editor for Windows 10. Lightworks is available as free and pro versions. Many wonderful editing options are available.

8. Avidemux is another free video editor for Windows 10. Only one video clip can be loaded at a time.

9. Shortcut is another free video editor. And this software can be used on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

10. Abode Premiere Element 15 is an amateur video editing software.


Some of the above-mentioned video editing software for Windows 10 can be downloaded free from the internet. Basic users can make use of these free software and professional should use the pro versions.

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