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How to Use Video Analytics to Measure & Grow Your Brand ?

Video Analytics

More than 80 percent internet users are watching video content which includes video ads. If you consider Video Analytics, More than 40% people are taking action after watching a video ad. The customer sales funnel was charged with the video revolution and smartphone usage.

Today people are using multiple smart devices to watch video content on the web, and it is tough for marketers to track the audience across multiple devices. So, the video analytics can be very helpful to the brands and marketers to estimate the things in a better way.

Analytics is essential to know the overall status of your efforts to reach the audience. It helps you to reach the things with perfect estimation through analytic data. Businesses will not have any way to know about their popularity without analytics data.

Video analytics

The video is the most common part of every digital or online marketer’s strategy. In order to measure your brand, only video views are not enough to measure the overall video performance during the campaigns. There are various metrics that are required for measuring the brand metrics.

Engagement rates

The metrics depend upon how users are interacting with your video content. It can provide you a detailed time-based metrics of your video content. By using the engagement metrics brands can know about at which timing their audiences are leaving the video and the average spent time on video.

By getting this information, brands can plan their next step to improve their video performance and content that is required to grab the audience attention. Brands can also check the rewatching and track the audience interest at a particular section of your video.

Video play clicks

The video play rates are beneficial to the brands to estimate the number of users who click on the play button displayed on your video across the web or a platform. Your video can be displayed on your websites, blogs or another landing page. So you can measure the percentage of people go for click to play on your video. It helps your brand to know the way of optimizing your video screen and player location.

Call to actions

You might insert your call-to-action in your video to make good conversions. But how can you know about the information of people who approached with your call to actions?

Yes, the Call to action responses can be known by detailed analytics where brands can fetch the information and can lead good conversions.

Demographic analytics

Do you know from which place you are getting more viewers? Do you know whether you are reaching the right audience and market?

Then demographics analysis is very important for your brand to know the specific demographics information which can help you in brand marketing.


Views can be an important metrics in analytics as you can track the view count of your video content and make it more engaging. You can know about the unique views of your video and can save the time and money. Brands can analyze the real-time trends and boost their ROI with these metrics from analytics.

Measure in a right way with good strategy

A definitive analytics strategy is very important to reach the right audience and to boost your sales leads. The analytic strategy is very helpful to get better results.

The first thing that your brand must consider is to choose the right platform for hosting and tracking the videos. Most of the marketers choose YouTube, Vimeo for their video marketing and brand promotion. Though these platforms offer analytics but they don’t provide detailed analytics but you can integrate the capabilities and automate. Brands can track the viewers from first click and first conversion.

Brand lifting

Since 2013 Google started Brand lift solution which helps in the initial measurement of the real impact of YouTube ad campaigns and brand awareness and the interest. It also measures the impact of Youtube ads and sales conversions.

Google has isolated the control group for YouTube ad tracing and measurement. The brand lift solution can help the brands to know the real-time analytics related to the video content with the comparison of the organic search.

The Facebook brand pooling also enable the advertisers in measuring the brand awareness on its platform. The CPA. Cost per acquisition rates can help the brand marketers to drive the better sales conversions online. The ad words can automatically set the bids and boost conversion rates in a possible way. This strategy can help the customers to reach your brand products and convert them into your customers.

Finally, analytics helps your brand to move forward by delivering great competition to the fellow competitors as well as improve the brand conversions rates and development.

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