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Video Advertising Tactics to Boost Your Campaign Strategy

Video Advertising

The latest trend of digital marketing depends heavily on video advertising. YouTube is one the channels that promote video advertising.

Once the marketer is spending huge amounts on video ad campaign, he should be able to gain most out of it. Given below are some of the tactics to boost video campaign.

1) Monitor Cost per View:

Each Ad comes with a cost. One of the methods of promotion is PTC (paid to click). The visitor needs to pay for each of the clicks that he clicks on a product. The campaigner needs to monitor the CPV. If he finds that the CPV is higher than his budget, he can lower the same and alternatively if CPV is lower than his budget he can increase the frequency. Playing with the optimization technique of PCPV is required.

2) Monitor view rate:

View rate is the number of views of your video ad compared to the number of views it is offered for. Higher view rate indicates that the viewers are happy with the content and on the other hand if the view rate is lower it indicates that the content needs to be changed.

3) Monitor click through rate:

CTR is slightly different from view rate in that it ale to measure how well the ad is able to perform with the viewers. Higher CTR is an indication that the viewers are likely to become customers of the marketer.

4) The optimum target of an audience:

Targeting the right audience with the right strategy for the right product is very important. The campaign strategy should be to identify the prospective customers based on the demographics like age, sex, location, financial status etc. By targeting the correct set of audience, the campaign will be a grand success.

5) Filtering the content:

Some of the content may not be applicable to a certain segment of viewers. In such cases, appropriate filters allowing the viewers to avoid the content need to be provided.

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