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Video Marketing surveyed revealed that more than 73% of marketers include at least two videos per month for social media marketing. Videos Ads leverage traffic and sales to businesses, and it also helps the consumers to understand products or services better and reduce the support quires. Creating and editing the videos ads are simple as they include proper Video Ad Makers. When it comes to video advertising, content creators must come up with new innovative ideas for better reach. Here are the top Video Ad makers for creating excellent Promo videos for 2021.

Best Video Ad Makers


Biteable offers premium and free plans; it lets you create up to 5 videos per month by its free program. Easy to publish on video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Facebook . Biteable is the simplest way to create a video ad when you choose from pre-made templates, soundtracks, styles. Just with one click, you can share it to your favorite social media platform.


Any content creator looking to create the visual content faster, RenderForest is a good option. RenderForest is the cloud-based animation video ad maker that helps you quickly make explainer videos, presentations, intro videos, infographics, and much more.


Free online video maker to create awesome Create promo videos, slideshows, Intros, explainer and promotional business videos, logo animations, and more. Motionden is a web-based online video maker for small to large scale industries. Tons of people using this tool to grow their business.


Bannersnack, one of the great banner designers for creating free banner ads, choose from over 1000+ banner designs. You can quickly build your advertising campaigns with this Bannersnack. Create fully responsive banners, video ad designs, YouTube intros, promo videos more.



Animoto is another popular tool that offers drag-and-drop features to create compelling and professional ad videos. Animoto makes it so easy to turn the text and photos into a compelling for the perfect way people will consume on social media.


Movidmo online video creators are best for businesses to create professional business video sharing on social media. Create innovative video ads for brands and small businesses for propositional use. Use these video ads for social media campaigns. You can customize your video ads by adding simple music and effects.

Make Web Video:

Make Web Video is one of the best companies that offer professional video creation services for creating commercial web videos. It is an excellent tool to create 3D animation videos, Intro maker, Explainer videos, and video ad makers. Businesses can get benefited from Web Video software for superior results. is a social media video maker that offers drag-and-drop functionalities. Easily resize the horizontal and vertical videos within just a click. Ideal tool for creating video ads or banner for the social media platform.

Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark Video offers multiple layouts, storyboards. It also provides the themes that help you put together for creating astonishing video ads. Free to access all the features for free available for iOS and Android devices. Adobe Spark watermark in the bottom-right corner of your videos, if you are a premium user, you can get watermark free videos.


Soapbox is a Google Chrome extension from the Wistia which offers video hosting services. Soapbox lets the users create and share advertising videos in your browser window. This Chrome extension provides a split-screen view that leverage the users to record screen and webcam at the same time.


Invideo is one of the best in one video platform for creating excellent YouTube videos, Intro makers, Promo makers, and ad makers. It offers 3000+ ready-to-use editable templates, animations, stickers. Create thumb-stopping video ads in minutes with Invideo premium media library, Automated Voice Overs.


Animaker is the perfect tool to create video ads to promote your products and services. Animaker a studio-created animated video without any watermark. You can also create multiple video types, including infographic videos, explainer videos, and whiteboard animation videos.


Magisto is an award-winning video creation and editor that allows you to create your music videos. It is a simple thing to put the music video background to your favorite video. It is an easy-to-use video-editing app, uses AI to create content within minutes. Choose the video editing style, add favorite footage, and pick the background music. Magisto is a popular choice that has over 90 million users.

Movavi Business Suite:

With the help of Movavi Business Suite, you can create professional videos, video ads for your business. Best software to create software presentations, tutorials, marketing videos, and more. Movavi business suit is a universal solution for your activities, creative expertise, and individual purposes.


Create professional animation videos within minutes. It is a user-friendly video content creation platform with limited styles available. Wideo is a versatile video animation platform that allows you to create presentations with pre-animated templates. Within 30 sec, you can create animated videos.


Shakr video ad-makers fuels thousands of successful video marketing campaigns by leading brands around the world. Its simple to create thousands of videos for small businesses with easy drag and drop features. It increases the ROI by scaling the video level beyond the scale.


Clipman creates complex video editing software’s, create the good-looking videos. Best video ad creation tool for your business, marketing videos, promo videos, intro makers, and more. It offers readymade templates to make your job easy.



Vyond is formerly called a GoAnimate tool. Just Like other video ad creation tools, Vyond is an entirely cloud-based platform fully committed to creating cartoons. One of the great features is adding lip-sync to chosen characters by adding a voice recording. This is a premium tool, first, go for free trails.


Powtoon bridges the gap between Presentations and videos that make it easy to appealing visual ad content in only a few minutes. Video ads are an excellent way to engage and attention from the audience.


Moovly is a browser-based video ad editor for making marketing videos. You can easily make marketing videos, brands, services or product videos, explainer videos, etc. Its simple user interface allows anyone can create engaging professional video ads.

moovly 1


The headliner is the easiest way to create a video promo with captions. With Headliner’s, you can automatically upload the video ads to convert the audio files into captions. You can upload the video ads, GIFs, search of images to the ads. The Headliner has a great hilarious page explaining why the tool they offer for free.


A free online video ad-makers for making professional marketing videos. You can create a broad range of videos, promo videos, YouTube videos ads, and much more. Offeo ad maker enables small businesses to create video ads similar to the big brands.


Typito is another online video editor that offers drag-and-drop features forever free plan. The ability to add a branded banner to the videos is an exciting, unique feature, Typito. This allows the audience to easily recognizable videos on social media platforms. With the help of Typito, you can easily resize video into seven different sizes with a single click.


Video content is unquestionably engaging and dominating on social media. Free video ad creation software for desktops and mobiles has evened the playing field for small-business owners with modest video marketing budgets. Now it is the best time to distribute the video content to your audience.

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