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How Vertical Video Is Changing Content Marketing?

The success of the video marketing strategy always depends on the way the audience accept while watching online. That means one video should reach the audience expectations. Today vertical video has become the trendsetter, especially for all the mobile users. As mobile is the user-friendly device to watch online video content, then the vertical video content is the most flexible.

It has become the primary task for the marketers and brands to find strategies to build vertical video content. This is the reason behind preferring the vertical video content.

What is vertical video content

The video content that appears in a vertical position to watch is nothing but vertical video content. Mobile users are intended to watch the vertical video content. Present the Instagram IGTV rolling on vertical video content.

The Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook stories are fairly feeding the audience with vertical video content.

How vertical video content through stories revolutionizing social media?

The creation of vertical video content has become a challenge for the brands in getting the audience attention.

For example, BUZZFEED is the food channel where it shows different varieties of food recipes. The entire cooking process they show in seconds or minutes which is most interesting for the audience. Moreover, their video content will not consume the audience watching time. Each video content they deliver some exciting and fresh recipes. Now the stories of BUZZFEED are reaching a huge audience than ever before.

Why is vertical video content marketing on the rise?

Social media platforms are in the use of vertical video content:

The giant social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, etc. are creating vertical content that keeps audience continuous engagement.

The short form stories to long-form vertical video content on IGTV are going viral by grabbing the audience attention.

Now, most of the other trending social media platforms are planning to implement the most advanced strategies to create vertical video content.

Mobile audience most preferred video content:

As we know that vertical video content is more flexible to watch on mobile. As consumer behavior changes, marketers are digging strategies to reach audience expectations.

Increasing daily active users:

Now stories are trending on social media platforms. These stories are visible to the users in vertical format. The stories are the most engaging concept which keeps continuous engagement of the audience.

Brand Reputation:

Most of the business brands on social media are elevating their brand through the creation of stories. The viral IGTV completely runs on the vertical video content where millions of brands are revealing their profile.


In the coming era, the vertical video content will be the social media video content. The audience is showing interest to watch vertical videos than horizontal. The brands can take advanced steps to launch the most exciting vertical video content that gives great competition to the opponents.

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