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Using YouTube as Video Learning Management System (LMS)

YouTube is an absolute learning management system because it is the platform which provides the users with the variety of topics related video on some thousands of keywords that are associated with the videos.

YouTube is the great tool to learn something new from the platform from various videos that published. Several videos are useful to the learners to learn quick and easy from the tutorials that are uploaded by the learning management system channels on the YouTube platform.

Today everyone was learning different cooking ways, subject-related classes, arts and many other things from the video learning systems from the YouTube directly.

The learning Management system is nothing but, the videos tutorials or learning aids must manage in such a way that the learner must get understand everything within the five minutes.

We can make the YouTube channel as our learning management system by providing the users with various topics related to the learning topics which must be generated automatically with the learning management systems.

YouTube auto-generated Topic channels

YouTube Auto-generated channels provides the all related videos to the tutorials on search with the learning management system. Many channels are auto-generating the topics for the users if learning management systems on YouTube platform.

They generate the various useful topics depended upon the niche the user had searched on.

Using learning management system

Learning management system helps you to deliver the various learning videos and tutorials the users. We can create a variety of topics by arranging them in the playlists which can be used to manage within the learning management system.

Through learning management system the YouTube videos can be viewed in a new window, and this can make us comment about the video that has posted. Similarly, the learner on YouTube can also be permitted to discuss in the comment section of the post. This can make the learner to pick the bulk and excellent content of video on YouTube as it is entirely relevant to the learner. This helps to build the ultimate knowledge about the particular topic through YouTube.

The Mooc Note site is very helpful for the managing and creation of the Learning management system on YouTube platform. It helps You to enable your video courses to tutorials by providing the best tools to deliver your tutorial more effectively to the viewers.


Mooc Note helps in the creation of the course and also helpful in importing the playlist, video, drive also helps in editing the course in a straightforward way by providing the various tools.

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