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Using Short Videos to Promote your Company



Short Videos

As consumers attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, businesses and marketers have to discover new ways to engage these easily distracted individuals. There is a solution: short videos. is a trend that is catching on, especially with the emergence of sites such as Vine, which allow you to post a short video and then have it displayed to your audience.

However, what you have to keep in mind when it comes to videos is that customers want it short and sweet and you need to have something that catches their attention within the first few seconds; otherwise, the videos will be completely ineffective. In fact, a video production as short as two and three minutes are not going to work.

Why Choose Video?

Consumers are continually searching online for the products or services that they want to purchase. If you take the time to research the stats of a particular site, then you will see that a large portion of the visitors clicks away from the site after only a few seconds. They will quickly scan the images and text and make an instant decision. It is more difficult than ever to get a visitor to read through everything on your homepage, let alone the other pages that are there.

However, once they begin looking for something they will be much more likely to watch a series of video clips – to the end – than they are to read an entire page on your site. gives you the perfect opportunity to engage your visitors and get your full message to them.

Designing your Video

You need to keep the video short, no more than a minute or two – at most. The longer you make your video, the slower it will load and the higher chance that you will lose your customer’s attention. You will have to make sure that you take the time to work with the professionals to make your video look great. The more help you can get from a professional, the easier you will find it to get the right results. Finding a company that has a good bit of experience in the industry will allow you to get the finished product you need.

Creating a promotional video for your brand or product can be a brilliant way to offer a creative message to your consumers, in just a few seconds time. If you have not yet implemented video into your marketing strategy, then it may be time to consider the benefits that it offers.

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