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Using JW Player and Amazon CloudFront to Stream HLS Video

Stream HLS Video

HLS adaptive streaming can be carried by using the JW player and the CloudFront. The first thing you have to do is to get an account in both Amazon web services as well as the premium license from the JW player. The HTTP live streaming is a protocol which is very helpful and can be utilized for the video streaming using the web server online. It generally supports the live streaming and the on-demand streaming. It also automates the adapt stream quality to the device and the networking conditions. The protocol generally works with the live streaming the was separated before the delivering in the short files. The segments can be stored on a web server that is standard and can be requested individually by the video player.

JW player supports the HTTP live streaming across the iPhone and iOS built devices and also supports the HLS playback for the different browsers. It also allows the JW player that deploys the HLS single streaming format across the devices. The HLS streaming or HTTP live streaming has an advantage over the RTMP streaming as it can incorporate the firewall and the proxy servers that pay mostly on the mobile devices and the desktops. The RTMP streaming will not work on the mobile devices and the desktops.

HLS streaming with Amazon CloudFront

The HLS streaming with the JW player is really a combo that covers the various platforms. Here are some steps that involved in the HLS streaming using the Amazon CloudFront and JW player.

• Buckets setup and the pipeline setup :-

there is a need to create three buckets in which one bucket contain the video to process the other for the video output and the last bucket is for previewing the images and can be considered as an optional. After the selection go with some technical details and upload the video. Use the electric transcoder for conversions and create a pipeline and create the new job by clicking on the concerned buttons. Click on to the add permission button to make files public in the output bucket.

• Transcoding job and creation of preview thumbs: –

create new transcribing job and fill the output details. Select segment file name preview and setup with details to preview the thumbnail with good resolution.

• Creating the various distributions:-

create different distributions by setting the buckets to the public and can add the permission button to add more distributions

• Adding to cross domain XML:-

It is the permission for the access to the content and it is the website domain. It is used to test the HLS adaptive streaming and click on the properties tab that is present at top right corner and then clicks permissions link and saves the settings.

• Setting up the player

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