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How to Use VLC as a Video Editing Tool

VLC is not just a video player. It offers many features such as creating videos, cutting and merging them etc. There are some cool features on VLC that allow editing a video and here is how it can done.

  • The videos that created in portrait mode can be changed to portrait mode using VLC.
  • Open the VLC media player on your desktop and go to ‘effect and filters’ option.
  • Choose video effect and then choose to rotate option. A slider will appear which can be moved as per requirement.
  • The vac media player also works as a video cutting tool. If you have a huge video, you can make it into small clips, or you can cut video songs from movies to share with friends.
  • To cut the videos, open VLC and click on View tab. Then choose the advanced controls option. Then click on the Recording button which is in a red circle.
  • Play video and choose the point at where the video needs to split. Then save it to ‘my computer’ folder.
  • Another important feature for video editing is the merging of videos. Multiple small videos can be merged to create a new video.VLC also offers this facility.
  • The only thing one should remember is that the video formats should be the same.
  • There is ‘open multiple files’ option in the media menu of the VLC media player.
  • Open it and add files to the sequence you want to merge them.
  • Click the Play button and choose Convert option from a drop-down menu. Give the location to save file.

Windows software users can use Windows movie maker to cut video or edit them. VLC media player, however, can be used with various operating systems such as Ubuntu or Mac. See that you have the latest version of VLC media player.

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