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The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat’s Snap Publisher Ad Creation Tool

Don’t you find a new way to communicate with the customers for the brand promotion?

You never find the best video advertising tool that what you intended.

Do you want to express Wow through your promotion strategies?

The only solution for all those issues is “Snap Publisher” which has been introduced by Snapchat.

Snapchat’s Snap Publisher Ad Creation Tool

The most wanted ad creation tool has been launched by the Snapchat especially for the business branding which is termed as Snap Publisher.

This is the new concept of Snapchat and the most of top branded businesses are in use of Snap Publisher to create innovative ads that explore the long-lasting brand.

This tool has a facility to edit the videos by the vision of desktop which is merged in Snapchat Ad manager.

By using this tool the vertical form of video ads can be made from horizontal format easily.

To build ads by using this tool will charge less cost.

The effective texts and graphics can be inserted into the ad through this tool.

It supports multi-dimensional ad formats while using nutshell. It provides 13 varied ad templates.

Snap Publisher

By using Snap Publisher the ads can easily created simply. The templates can edit like uploading or importing the videos by picking the required template. After uploading, it can be saved and published to the ad manager this can elaborate one’s brand. It seems very simple. Isn’t it?

Snap Ad Products

The filters of Snapchat will make others know where your product purchase. Through this, the users can suggest your store by choosing the nearby location to their friends or communities. More than 1 billion filters have been visited by the users.

Lenses are the more attractive that generates more fun for the users, and more than 1/3rd Snapchat users are in use of lenses daily.

These are full-screen video ads and when the user swipes it takes to visit our website to find more ad snaps. Some Snap ads can inserted in the stories of friends as our stories, shows and publisher stories.

Through Snapchat context the ads will appear in the messages that have been shared among the friends.

Metrics for Your Snap Ad Campaign

Through the dashboard of ads manager, the performance of our video ads can analysed.

The number of active campaigns present at can viewed. the impressions can notice date wise performance can calculate, the individual ads activity can be estimated, the customisation can be used to set the required fields and can save and the report of analytics can download.

How to Create Your First Snap Ad?

Creating Ad:

  • Open the Ads manager and then hit on ‘creative library’.
  • Now choose the ‘create new’ from the top right corner.
  • Click the ‘upload your top snap’ then choose the 10 seconds video file you want to upload.
  • Then mention the name of that file along with brand name and headline.
  • Now select the ‘buffer zone’ to set different sizes of screen.
  • To push snap users at your website then pick the attachment of web view by placing the landing page.
  • Then save the draft after assigning the call-to-action.
  • Now the ads can be published.

Launching Campaign:

  1. To merge the new campaign again visit the dashboard then click the ‘create campaign’.
  2. Then assign the campaign name and then hit ‘drive traffic to my website’.
  3. There the start and end dated can be added by activating the status.
  4. Then go to next option. After that location of the ads to display can be selected.
  5. The age, gender, category of audiences, devices and bid can be assigned here.
  6. Now click next and launch campaign.

How to Create Your Business Account on Snap?

Create the business account on Snapchat then it will display the form.

Here our personal details should be entered along with the name of the business and address.

Then agree to the terms and conditions that have been provided.

Then hit on get started and enter the payment details then save.

How to Upload Your First Snap Ad?

After selecting ‘create new’ enter the creative name.

Now select the web view then got to next.

Now give the brand name, headline and call-to-action.

Then choose the option upload and then hit on browse to pick the video.

Now choose the option you want either close draft or publish.


This is the most useful article where you can find a lot of information regarding the Snap Publisher which helps in the strong establishment of the business brand especially by launching video ads.

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