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The Ultimate Guide To Marketing a SaaS Business using Video

Everything is going through online strategy and most of the marketers are using SaaS approach to build the firm business skills which help in the reputation of their brand.

SaaS – Software as a Service is a business model which is highly sophisticated.   To make SaaS business successful, we have to consider many things.   SaaS businesses need to attract the customers and reach their sales goals and also they should make sure that the customers stick with them for long.   For this, it is essential to keep the customers engaged. For this purpose marketing content that humanizes the brand should create so that people understand the product better.   What else can help you to do this than the powerful marketing tool called the ‘Video’?

First of what does SaaS mean and how it fits video marketing? Everything will be defined here.

What is SaaS Business?

SaaS can be framed as the software as a service which granted to the third parties or salesperson as licensed software based on the subscription and these third parties will host at the customers through online.

The products will be offered in a very flexible way, and this generates the efficient strategies in marketing and sales. It will always maintain the consistency of the marketing products.

The SaaS business, especially in digital marketing, will grab the more customers. SaaS business can be done by email marketing, sharing content on social media, paid and organic SEO results through trending keywords and images.

This all be responsible in brand lifting through website optimization. While coming to social platforms, the ROI will be at the peak point.

SaaS Business Video

For a SaaS business, video can give competitive advantage. It would make it possible to connect with the largest customer base. Video helps in some ways to build competitive advantage. Using video for SaaS business marketing helps to inform and connect with the customer base. It educates the audience about your services, products, etc. Can entertain them also at the same time. SaaS companies can show the importance of their products, and this can help in conversion of the prospects.

Best Practices for SaaS Video Marketing

  • Get in touch with the customers by sending e-mail notifications.
  • Try to use the personalized videos those exactly strike at the customers.
  • Generate the explainer videos through which the users will get an overview of the product or services.
  • Use call-to-action options for the videos you upload.
  • Release the videos containing the customer issues and the end result that has been found through your products or services as a solution.
  • Create the short and simple videos which won’t consume the time.
  • Produce the products or service review videos at the customers.
  • Focus on the keywords of a competitor to reach more than expected clients.
  • Hook the audience by pushing video campaigns regarding the products, tools or services.
  • Try to capture the attention of the buyer persona with the most important idea of them.
  • You SaaS videos should be smaller and authentic.
  • Tell the potential customer how your product can change their lives and let them know how it can solve their problems.
  • Explain how to use the product more effectively and easily.
  • The tool can be seen in action in a video and when people see how it can solve problems of others similar to theirs, it will humanize the brand.
  • Connecting and educating are important to convert potential customers.
  • Show how your products are helpful to them. Let them understand why they need the product.
  • Have a video on the landing page. This gives reason for the potential buyer to stay on you page and you can deliver the message you want to them in this time,
  • Having a video on the landing page proved to increase the conversion rate.

9 Examples of Perfect SaaS Video Marketing


Taulia would build the strong relationship with the supplier through buying organizations maximize discounts, invoice and payments. This video has made to deliver the benefits of using Taulia which notifies the customers through invoice notification.

Deloitte Canada:

It has made an extraordinary video in which the Director Research Technology has explained the questions raised by the Online Marketing Sr Manager about the upcoming issues and trends. Here we can find the tip from them to approach the audience by generating internal research.


It has released the tremendous video in which the customer success through HubSpot will be shared with the audience as the real time experience. Literally, it impacts on other customers to approach them. Hubspot SaaS promo video used clever animation and the video quality is superior. The voiceover complements the animation making the video more interesting.

Look Inside.™ : Intel-powered tablets with Coach Ron Crawford

In this video, they had shown how the Intel-based tablet will help the National Championship Basketball coach Ron Crawford to make the strategies about the game.


VeriSign has come up with the new trending concept of video marketing campaign for the Liberty Fillmore through the shopping cart in a hilarious way. Here they revealed the e-commerce strategy to strike at the audience.

Saas Video Marketing:

One of the examples of perfect SaaS Video marketing is the promo video of Gotomeeting. The central idea is simple and the creators made sure that everything is right, the images, background score, editing etc.

Mailchimp promo video:

Mailchimp promo video concentrated on the needs of people and it tried to connect with them.

Xero SaaS promo video:

Xero SaaS promo video tries to maximize audience engagement. At the end of the video, the audience will believe the message that is delivered. 

Salesforce SaaS:

Salesforce SaaS promo video tries to connect with the customers with the motivational speeches from people of the company.


Having the video in SaaS business promotion connects and educates with the customer base and inspires confidence in them which helps in conversions. The video is a powerful and dynamic tool to reach the goals you set up in your business. The personality of the company shown in the video giving it a human life. After reading this article, you might get an idea about the benefits of SaaS video marketing to explore the brands and how it impacts on customers to clutch them as regular clients.

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