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Ultimate Guide to B2B Video Marketing Strategy

B2B Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is very crucial for any business. Including video in the digital marketing strategy is giving positive results, according to the marketers. Video engages the audience more than text content. B2B marketers can include video content which is informative, entertaining, compel action by the viewer and is of right-sized to get positive results with their marketing strategy.

B2B Video Marketing Strategy

It is beneficial for the B2B marketers to incorporate video content into their marketing strategy. It is because more than ninety percent of the customers watch online videos. Forty-three percent of people search online videos for products and other services. One the more important thing is that most marketing professionals include video in their marketing strategy.

Videos are powerful tools and can deliver the message more strongly. Videos increase engagement and the B2B marketers can make the audience take some actions after watching the video. Videos can be used to communicate directly with the audience. Face to face interaction to connect personally with the clients is possible with video marketing. A well planned B2B video marketing strategy can generate qualified leads and engagement. Brand identity can be enhanced and SEO efforts can be improved and all this can create revenue.

5 Tips for B2B Video Marketing

A successful B2B video marketing strategy must define goals and objectives. It is not about high production cost but it is important to understand the audience to decide which type of video content needs to be produced. Here are few tips for successful B2B video marketing.

  1. The length of the video matters and the B2B video marketing content should not exceed two minutes. Unless the video contains lots of technical details, the best length is not more than ninety seconds.
  2. Keep the audience engaged with storytelling technique. Instead of describing a product show the actual product in action to the audience this can effectively increase the views.
  3. Decide what social platforms are used for promoting the video content.
  4. Have a strategy for releasing the video content.
  5. Different kinds of video content that can make are the customer testimonials, product demonstration videos, tutorials, interviews, case studies, webinars, event videos and video blogs.

Using YouTube for B2B Video Marketing

Video can effectively deliver the message and tell a story easily than a written post. B2B marketers can share relevant content on YouTube such as product demonstrations, how-to videos, case studies, conferences, events etc.

Posting the video on YouTube does not automatically bring likes, views and shares. It should be made to be searchable. Write a proper description of the video, give the perfect title and use the relevant keywords. Create a YouTube channel for your brand. Track the analytics to determine how the videos are performing. The most important thing is to create great content. The videos should be of great quality so that they are ranked high in search results.

Using Facebook for B2B Video Marketing

Most businesses now have a presence on Facebook. Facebook allows the B2B marketers to target a specific audience. The Facebook advertising costs are cheaper, and the targeting capabilities are beautiful. B2B marketers can use Facebook for video marketing ass they can laser target the advertisements. The Retargeting option of the Facebook can be used to show the ads to people who already visited the specific URL. This will encourage the people who did not finish the process in their first visit.

Facebook serves the goal of lead generation better. Facebook is video friendly, and the B2B marketers can use Facebook to generate leads by using the tactics such as offering incentives for their video advertising.



  1. Sirsa - Slideshow Maker

    April 5, 2017 at 1:55 am

    A very informative read. I have started making a few videos and this article has actually cleared out a few doubts I had about using videos for B2B video marketing. And the tips are a great help too. Thank you. I am starting out with slideshow videos and the one I have been using is Picovico. It has provided me with professionally designed themes and it is affordable too. I would recommend Picovico if you are looking to make slideshow videos.

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