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Twitter Video 2018: The Definitive Guide

Twitter Video 2018

Video has become the central piece on Twitter. Studies revealed that video views on this platforms increased by 220 times. More than ninety percent of the views come from mobiles. It has now indispensable to include video in the content strategy of Twitter Video 2018, and there is no need to hire professionals to create videos. Even the smartphone can use as a business tool for Twitter video.

By 2018, a total of 69% online traffic is expected to be for video content. Twitter’s video tweets increased by almost fifty percent since a year, and about ninety percent of the video views are coming from mobile devices.

This social media platform is pushing the video content which is encouraging the publishers to upload videos to Twitter. Twitter also extended the duration of the videos that can upload to the platform to 140 seconds. Selected publishers are allowed to post videos of up to 10 minutes duration.

Role Of Twitter in Video Marketing

Video content plays automatically on Twitter. Videos help to grab the attention of the audience and also attract new customers.

Studies revealed that consumers on Twitter prefer autoplay videos and watch them until the end. The Twitter app allows recording a video directly. An existing video also can be uploaded.

GIFs are another format for powerful marketing content on Twitter. These can highly retweet by the followers. These help in going beyond the 150 character limit of Twitter. Longer video content can cut into GIFs. These are usually used to showcase the products and features.

Creating impactful video content is very necessary for the brands and businesses for Twitter marketing. Make use of the different types of video formats available for Twitter and create relevant content for the followers. Helps in interacting with them, and they can know about the brand better.

Storytelling video content was evoking the complete story which carries emotions, deep viewer engagement and communicating throughout until the end of the video. Storytelling content remains long lasting in the minds of the viewers.

Twitter has wrapped up with 12 media partners for its live videos affects announcements to stream content through Twitter.

Twitter Video 2018 recently announced that twitter video consumption grew by 220% from past One year. Marketers were expecting that video views doubled for next few years.

Marketing predicting business videos uploads on social media tripled by the end of 2018. Twitter helps to boost the video marketing campaigns without any commitments and costly equipment needed.

Many Social media strategists and business consultants predicting that storytelling videos rule the video marketing world regarding Business.

20 Interesting Facts about Twitter Video 2018

Every person is very familiar with Twitter as it is the top social media to generate the news about any intended video or content. Hence, every marketer will use this to convey their intention through Twitter Video. The unknown facts about the Twitter Video 2018 has been mention below.

  1. More than 72 percent Twitter users are accessing the Twitter videos via mobile phones
  2. More than 85 percent users on Twitter are got interested in movies after watching the video trailers on Twitter platform.
  3. Twitter platform also had a own channel on Youtube with more than 90 videos had already posted on Platform.
  4. People in China cannot access Twitter nor Facebook
  5. Twitter had connected with the Vine video sharing application with a cost of nearly thirty millions.
  6. Three out of five people are connecting and tweeting on Twitter while watching the television
  7. More than 70 percent people revealed that the vine videos are so effective
  8. The video can be recorded on to your smartphone and can be postedon Twitter with ease
  9. There is an option to edit the footage and make a separate scenes
  10. Users can use the simple and relevant hashtags for their videos
  11. The brands or companies can start the Twitter chat which includes with the video replies
  12. Brands are interested to use the Twitter video ads as there is a great scope and opportunity to meet the people and brand in real time on Twitter platform
  13. The Twitter live streaming application #periscope is also designed greatly for the business to start their live streaming in real-time
  14. Twitter video has great exposure
  15. Brands like McDonalds is the right example of success with Twitter ads
  16. Twitter platform also provides better engagement rates for the video views and retweets
  17. Users can see their Tweet activity and the highlights
  18. The video platform supports MP4 and Mov formats and there is no size limit
  19. The Twitter video can be up to 10 minutes in length
  20. The Tweets can also be scheduled in advance on Twitter

Twitter Video 2018 Predictions and Statistics

Twitter videos get highest recalls on any social media platforms, and every one has an emotional connection with Twitter.

Twitter recently announced that twitter video consumption grew by 220% from past One year and Expecting that video views doubled for next few years.

The Live videos on Twitter draw 800 hours of content streamed for every quarter year. Twitter has 45 million unique users every year.

Twitter was expecting 31% growth for the next few years for Live videos streaming and Video Ads. Twitter Calculate engagement rate through Click through hashtags, retweets, replies, impressions, and engagement divided by impressions.

Video on Twitter has 6 X times more retweeted compared to images and 3X times more likely to the GIF images.

More than 82% of videos viewed on Twitter, but people make a big mistake on twitter as they don’t share the Twitter videos.

93% of Twitter Videos watched through Smartphones announced by Twitter.


Social Media Video ads are cool coming for the next few years. Twitter has a unique identity and an emotional, engagement with users, collaborate and engage with the Global Customers. Now we can get an idea of how branded companies are still establishing their success rate by using these Twitter Video 2018 as the main platform to elaborate the marketing strategy.

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