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In and Out of Twitter Native Video

Twitter Native Video

Twitter has announced its essential video services since from a year and launched recently this year 2015. It was going to provide the various native video ad services like in-feed ads, search ads and different widgets for the marketers in special. The native video ads allows the brands to promote their content in different formats along with the videos, images, infographics, music and many other types of media on its platform. The platforms are going to the native video ads as they have good integration visually with the publisher’s way. Twitter Native Video workflow can be obtained here.

Twitter Native video specs

  • The Twitter platform was allowing the users to record edit and share directly on the service networks. It didn’t reveal its further step towards the native video services.
  • It also allowing the users to enjoy the personalized timeline along with the highlights of relevant tweets.
  • It supports MP4 and MOV formats and didn’t accept the Youtube videos
  • Also provides analytics

Twitter native video length

  • The present native video on Twitter platform enables the videos with a limit of twenty seconds video. It can be hosted the videos up to ten minutes.
  • The video view can be counted if the user have watched for three seconds

Twitter Native video size

  • The native video size was kept maximum to 15MB and must be checked during your upload
  • There is no limit on the file size but, there is no option for editing and scheduling the videos and better to keep at max limit of 15MB to avoid mistakes.

Twitter Native Video upload

  • Twitter users can upload up to 30 seconds via Twitter API
  • The media that is uploaded must be compatible with the Twitter native video ad formats

Twitter Native Video ads

  • Promoted video ads on Twitter allowing the advertisers to upload the video using different keywords, tags and demographics directly.
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