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Twitter Mobile Video Advertising

by Jag

Twitter is the noisiest social interactive platform across the web. The social media platforms are competing for one another by providing the large features in video content. The Twitter platform was providing different ad formats for the brands and advertisers to promote the video content across its platform. Many brands have got succeed on the Twitter video advertising as the platform allows the real-time interaction between the audience and the brands. Twitter mobile video advertising will show huge impact on the marketing structure.

It is also allowing the users to share the video content and find the local talent in the Twitter search basing on the location. From various research reports and studies, it revealed that the television audiences were connecting to the particular programmes via Tweets while they are watching the television. Twitter made the marketers target the mobile video advertising with Twitter tools.

The Twitter ads can help you to get relevant followers and increase the traffic towards your website and enhance the conversion rate. It also helps to promote the brand awareness in the people. The Ad companion on Twitter allows the advertisers on the platform who are using the iPhones and Android platforms. It also is supporting them to manage the various ad campaigns on mobile.

The Twitter promoted Tweets and accounts along with the improved trends are the features for the advertisers to promote the content across the platform. the new Mopub marketplace is also launched by the Twitter platform recently for the native video targeting for advertisers and marketers on the platform via the in-app ad network.