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Twitch Video Producer Tools: The Ultimate Guide

Twitch Video Producer Tools

The Live streaming video platform Twitch is currently supporting Live Videos. Now Twitch was focusing and turning their attention towards pre-recorded videos to give better competition against to the YouTube and Facebook. So, the company announced a new set of tools for content creators called “Video Producer”.Guide to Twitch Video Producer Tools has explained here.

Twitch is debuting a new video producer tools for content creators and streamers to create a landing page for new videos. The most significant change made by twitch is streamers can upload the pre-recorded videos and also schedule for at the specific time.

The video Producer suite consists of a set of tools for broadcasters and streamers to improve their social media streaming among other competitor streaming services.

Twitch Video Producer Tools Including

The video producer tool allows creators make and touchdown pages for movies and can return to the earlier content. The most prominent challenge to the streamers to reruns the videos, the name itself reveals that the videos already aired must be replayed again.

The primary goal of twitch by introducing the Twitch Video Producer tools is to gain more audience, find more viewers and living doing what the audience will love to watch.

Many streamers use Twitch for game streaming, some of the streamers shoot their video games as parts and upload to YouTube for the next watch. Instead of moving to other sites. Twitch also allowing to upload pre-recorded videos to show premieres of Movies.


Premier is designed to enable the content creators to schedule an exciting first viewing of the videos on twitch. Premier including landing pages and countdown videos. Premiers also included a PopCorn emote for available from next month.

Landing Pages:

Landing Page is nothing but a static page which can create a shareable video to gather the audience before the premiere.

Countdown Videos:

Countdown videos can attract the audience and maintain the members with an insertion timer for upcoming premiers.


Rerun the name itself reveals that schedule the re-showing of videos to the audience to remember and allow the viewers to watch and chat once again. Video Producer is supporting and launching a rerun tool which allows creators to schedule and show a video.So, fans can watch and chat repeatedly.

These all changes in twitch make all the streamers to come back to the Twitch platform again to stay a longer time. The changes in the Twitch platform make more beneficial to the twitch to come back all the Viewers, to get subscribers to the Twitch streaming and increased the chance of paid streaming subscribers.


Twitch has made it easier for the viewers to make a difference what type of videos are playing with the status of Live, Premier, and rerun. Here, We have given a complete guide to the Twitch Video Producer tools for Content creators and streamers.

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